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  • To what extent was Elizabeth s foreign policy between 1588 and 1603 an expensive failure

    of her foreign policy in each country for example loosing at war‚ loosing money on expeditions and war being ended with a peace treaty instead Judgement – even though there was some success in Elizabeth’s foreign policy‚ such as defeating the Spanish armada‚ however this was out balanced by many failures Elizabeth’s foreign policy entailed‚ such as one of her main aims for Spain to have no control in the Netherlands. Even though she did have some success in her foreign policy‚ this was still highly

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  • Bad Ib World History Paper

    Queen Elizabeth and Religion A. Plan of Investigation Thesis: Due to Queen Elizabeth ’s religion there were many conflicts involved during her reign in England I plan on doing this research by looking at people ’s reactions during Queen Elizabeth ’s reign when she reopens the Church of England. I plan on doing this by looking at primary resources maybe like protests that happened outside of Queen Elizabeth ’s house or letters people were sending to each other about how they felt about his certain

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  • Queen Elizabeth: Golden Age

    Elizabeth’s Golden Age Elizabeth was Queen of England from 1558-1603. During that time England was a strong country and she was a successful queen. Many people thought Elizabeth would not last long without a powerful husband but they were proved wrong. In fact Elizabeth was very clever in not choosing a husband. She didn’t choose a husband because she didn’t want anybody taking over her throne. There were four men that she could have married but said no to. The first man was Philip of Spain. Philip

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  • How Did Queen Elizabeth Contribute To The Renaissance

    The first way the she did that was by knighting a explorer from Devonshire England after he had been sent away to explore South America by Queen Elizabeth‚ he had also helped her defeat Spanish Armada. Another explorer that Queen Elizabeth had influenced was a man named Martin Frobisher. He was on a journey and he wanted to redeem himself to Elizabeth by finding the Northwest passage. One last man that was influenced by Elisabeth was William

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  • Who Killed the King of Spain, King Phillip?

    control her and their religions and primary languages were different. Even though the rejection of his proposal was quite harsh‚ tension between them increased when she defeated the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada was fleet of solders led by Philip II to attack England in 1588. When Queen Elizabeth beat the Spanish Armada‚ she became very popular to her people. Now that tension was at its highest between King Philip and Queen Elizabeth‚ King Philip most likely wanted Queen Elizabeth dead for

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  • Notes

    2013 Queen Elizabeth I She led as a woman‚ in what was very much a man’s world; she did so with courage‚ grace‚ and intelligence. Queen Elizabeth I‚ an amazing female monarch in Europe‚ solved the religious turmoil in England‚ defeated the Spanish Armada‚ and strongly supported the Renaissance. Elizabeth’s father‚ Henry VIII‚ had changed the entire country’s religion in order to divorce his wife‚ Catherine of Aragon‚ and marry Anne Boleyn‚ Elizabeth’s mother. He divorced his first wife‚ hoping

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  • Why Did Phillip II Launch The Armada And Why Did It Fail? (brief)

    Why did Phillip II launch the Armada and why did it fail? In the summer of 1588‚ the catholic king of Spain‚ Phillip II‚ came up with a plan to conquer protestant England. He would collect his army from the Netherlands and a huge fleet of 130 ships across the channel‚ with the help of France. Why did Phillip launch the Armada?- Phillip launched the Armada for many reasons. When Elizabeth became queen‚ Phillip asked her hand in marriage‚ but she refused. This angered him‚ as he hoped to keep power

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  • Sir Richard Hawkins: A Biography

    Sir Richard Hawkins Sir Richard Hawkins was an explorer‚ soldier and privateer. He followed in his father footsteps and became a well-respected mariner. He explored his whole live and never stopped looking for adventure out on the open see. We began with his live on land‚ then his maritime days and last end up at why he was such an important explorer and sea farer. Sir Richard Hawkins life began in Plymouth around 1562 to Katherine and John Hawkins. His dad was a famous Elizabethan explorer.

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  • Queen Elizabeth I

    “The Virgin Queen of England” Queen Elizabeth I was a brave and noble Queen of England‚ who endured wars and hardships better than some British Kings. She grew up with a constantly changing and quarreling family filled with violence‚ scandal and death and still managed to be both intelligent and competent. She was able to unite a torn and divided country and simultaneously fight off other nations over religious beliefs. She kept a level head through risky relationships and bad parings and did get

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  • Cortez

    There were many factors that led to Cortez’s conquest of the Aztecs. The first factor to the conquering of the Aztecs are the weapons and horses Cortez’s army used. The second factor of Cortez’s Conquest is siding with the Indians. The last factor in the conquering of the Aztecs is the Aztec belief that Cortez was a god. Without the underlying factors‚ Cortez would not have defeated the Aztec empire of 5 million people. Cortez was chosen to be a captain of an expedition to Mexico in 1518

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