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Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was an English navigator and explorer, born near Tavistock. He served an apprenticeship as a mariner, and in 1567 he was given his first command. His ship, the Judith, was one of a squadron of vessels led by a kinsman of Drake, the English navigator Sir John Hawkins, on a slave-trading voyage in the Gulf of Mexico. All but two ships of the expedition were lost when attacked by a Spanish squadron. In 1570 and 1571 Drake made two profitable trading voyages to the West Indies. In 1572...

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Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake By Mussie Sahle Late in 1577, Francis Drake left England with five ships, ostensibly on a trading expedition to the Nile. On reaching Africa, the true destination was revealed to be the Pacific Ocean via the Strait of Magellan, to the dismay of some of the accompanying gentlemen and sailors. Still in the eastern Atlantic, a Portuguese merchant ship and its pilot - who was to stay with Drake for 15 months - was captured, and the fleet crossed the Atlantic, via the Cape Verde...

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Francis Drake: Monopolization Of The New World

began small wars against these countries. Now enters Francis Drake, when Francis was twelve or thirteen, his father Edmund Drake arranged him to apprentice under an old sea captain of a small bark, which is a three-masted vessel that is square rigged. The bark sailed near coasts of France, England, and the Netherlands; Drake now learned how to read currents, wind, and tides and was able to maneuver a ship in all weather. At age twenty, Francis Drake went into service with his kin John Hawkins, this...

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Sir Francis Drake(Short Piece)

Sir Francis Drake Typically, Francis Drake's life begins with a mystery - the date of his birth. 1540 is often mentioned, 1542 has been heard as has been 1538, and other years pop up here and there. Often the given date is based on a portrait which itself is dated and which includes the comment that it shows Drake at a particular age. The only safe conclusion is that he was born around 1540. His place of birth was Tavistock, in Devonshire, along the river Tavy (which eventually empties into...

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Hero and Horror: the Life of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake, an English sea captain, navigator, slaver, privateer and politician. He was second in command of and English fleet against the Spanish Armada. He also accomplished the second circumvolution of the world. A hero to some and a pirate to others let us peek into the life of Sir Francis Drake. In Tavistock, Devon year 1544, Francis Drake was born. Drake’s birth is not formally recorded, but since he received command of the Judith in 1566 when he was twenty-two years old, his birth...

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Francis Drake: The Spanish Feared Most In The 1600's

Francis Drake, pirate, slave trader, and murderer, was the name the Spanish feared most in the mid-to-late 1500’s. At a time where the English and the Spanish were at war, Drake gave the English a huge advantage by raiding Spanish ships and looting the Spaniards’ treasures at land. His quick temper and willingness to be violent made him a great pirate, his ocean navigating skills allowed him to circumnavigate the globe, and he was the first Englishman to accomplish that feat. He was also related...

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“Sir Francis Drake was nothing but a pirate Villain.” How far do you agree with this statement?

“Sir Francis Drake was nothing but a pirate Villain.” How far do you agree with this statement? Sir Francis Drake (1545-1596) was a British explorer, slave-trader, privateer (a pirate working for a government) in the service of England, mayor of Plymouth, England, and naval officer (he was an Admiral). Drake led the second expedition to sail around the world in a voyage lasting from 1577 to 1580. Queen Elizabeth I commissioned Drake to command the expedition together with John Winter and Thomas...

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Francis Drake

FRANCIS DRAKE-A SUCCESSFUL EXPLORER... In my humble opinion, the best explorer in the late 15th/16th century was Sir Francis Drake. Not only was he the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, but his voyages helped create a more accurate picture of the world, which can help us greatly and helped the Tudors in England at the time, who only argued that the world was flat and did not know all the countries present, whom Drake saw and studied himself through his voyages. Also he founded the...

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which was rage against a certain English man. This English man’s name was Sir Francis Drake and he was the captain of a ship named ‘Cacafuego’ he was also a privateer employed by Elizabeth I. The captain sailed around the world but a certain event happened on the 20th April 1587 which severely upset Philip the Second of Spain. On the date of the 20th April Sir Francis Drake docked in the Cadiz Harbour and when Sir Francis Drake arrived there he set fire to 30 royal Spanish Warships. This was one of the...

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How Did The Battle Of The Spanish Armada

internal affairs, as well as aiding the riots instead of helping the Spanish rulers oppress them. Tensions rose following the assault that English Colonel Drake conducted in 1587, when he attacked Spanish shipping, as well as burnt the half-finished and unmanned ships at Cadiz (Pollen, the Catholic Encyclopedia). The Spanish continued to be harmed by Drake due to the blockade he administered (Martin and Parker, 109-110), for the reason of weakening the Spanish fleet. As a result, King Phillip II decided...

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