Pre-American Civilization Test

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Slavery, Colony Pages: 7 (1447 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Name _____________________________Date ________________ Period ____ American History Test 1 A Chapter 1 Exploration and Settlement, I. Matching: Match the following descriptions with their proper identities. (25 points) _____ 1. country that focused on developing the fur trade rather than stable settlements _____ 2.

_____ 3. colony originally settled to be a safe haven for Catholics _____ 4.
_____ 5. colony settled by Puritans to be “a light shining from atop a hill” _____ 6.
_____ 7. colony settled by Quakers; established the “City of Brotherly Love” _____ 8. European country that established New Amsterdam
_____ 9.
_____11. had feudal society led by shoguns
_____12. Portuguese leader who supported naval voyages
_____13. German monk who sparked the Protestant reformation
_____14. where Columbus first went ashore on the new continent _____15. Spanish conquerors who wanted gold and silver
_____16. English navigator who sailed for the Dutch
_____17. colonial journalist who was acquitted of slander because he told the truth _____18. religious movement during the 1740s that started many colleges _____19. imaginary line that separates land granted to the Portuguese and the Spanish _____20. system where conquistadors demanded labor and taxes from Native Americans _____21. people with Native American and Spanish parents

_____22. upper-class members of society in Southern colonies _____23. raised money for voyages by promising wealth to potential investors _____24. economic theory that a state’s power depends on its wealth _____25. Spaniard who conquered the Aztec Empire

A. Renaissance
B. Vasco da Gama
C. Dutch
D. Maryland
E. Hernán Cortés
F. land gentry
G. joint-stock company
H. Pennsylvania
I. Martin Luther
J. Great Awakening
K. Crusades
L. Francisco Pizarro
M. Prince Henry
N. conquistadors
O. the Bahamas
P. French
Q. Massachusetts
R. mercantilism
S. encomienda
T. John Peter Zenger
U. mestizos
V. Henry Hudson
W. Japan
X. Portugal
Y. line of demarcation
Z. Islam
II. Multiple Choice: Choose the answer that best completes the following sentences. (25 points) ___ 26. Spain lost most of its naval forces in a battle with a. Magellan.
b. Henry Hudson.
c. Sir Francis Drake.
d. Jaques Cartier.
___ 27. The London Company first sent settlers to Virginia to a. grow tobacco.
b. find gold.
c. establish public schools.
d. teach religion to Native Americans.
___ 28. Robert de La Salle is known for
a. claiming Louisiana for France.
b. finding the northwest passage.
c. introducing horses to Native Americans.
d. establishing the first college in the Americas.
___29. The survivors on Magellan’s voyage were the first to a. sail around the tip of Africa.
b. go ashore in Japan.
c. see the Gulf of Mexico.
d. circumnavigate the globe.
___30. People who worked in return for their passage to America were called a. serfs.
b. squatters.
c. indentured servants.
d. slaves.
___31. The Incan Empire was conquered by Spanish soldiers led by a. Hernán Cortés
b. Moctezuma
c. Amerigo Vespucci
d. Francisco Pizarro
___32. The Mayflower Compact stated that a government derives its just powers from a. God.
b. the people.
c. the military.
d. the crown.
___33. Vasco Núñez de Balboa is considered to be the first European to see the eastern shore of the a. Atlantic Ocean.
b. Pacific Ocean.
c. Mississippi River.
d. Amazon River.
___ 34. Due to England’s neglect, many colonies established a. local legislatures.
b. court systems.
c. their own laws.
d. all of the above.
___ 35. Roger Williams guaranteed religious freedom in the colony of a. Georgia.
b. Massachusetts.
c. Pennsylvania.
d. Rhode Island.
___ 36. Native Americans viewed the land as
a. something they could not own.
b. a resource to use and leave unchanged.
c. both a and b.
d. neither a nor b.
___ 37. The first inhabitants of what is now the Americas were thought to have come from a. Africa.
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