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Ethical Egoism vs Social Responsibility

motive of all conscious action." Social responsibility entails one's actions benefiting one's society more than oneself. A cost benefit analysis sided towards the many rather than towards the individual. In the two books The Elements of Moral Society and Ethical Issues in Engineering by James Rachels and Deborah Johnson respectively, the subject of egoism and social responsibility come up. Hannaford in Johnson's book and James Rachels support social responsibility. Friedman and I are supporting...

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Eth 316 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Community Profile: Miami, Florida ETH 316 Ethics and Social Responsibility Community Profile: Miami, Florida The social responsibility of members in a community is subject to the beliefs and moral values of the individual. As children, we grow up and learn the ways of our family and close friends. These life lessons ingrain patterns of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in our lives. If a community was small, we would see threads of consistency in beliefs and moral values spread throughout...

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Business Law Ans Social Responsibility

Business Law and Social Responsibility Introduction We are living at an age where the customer or the consumer has been brought at the center stage of business enterprises. This consciousness has been necessitated by the rudiments of marketing which stipulate that every product or services should be innovated with the customer in the mind. But beyond providing these goods and service there has also emerged the need to care about the welfare of the consumers in terms of their health, environment...

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Corporate Social Responsibility of MNCs

promoted by increased sensitivity to ethical issues, especially corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is a company’s obligation to be accountable to all of its stakeholders in all its operations and activities with the aim of achieving sustainable development not only in the economical dimension but also in the social and environmental dimensions. Obviously, MNCs put lots of efforts on the Triple Bottom Line --- environment, social and economic aspect. However, some of the MNCs treat CSR as a marketing...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Leslie Jackson OMM640 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor: Dr. Alan Swank October 7, 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Today Boatright (2009, pp 349) relates that Feuerstein’s pledge to continue paying his workers eventually cost them their jobs, and cost Feuerstein his company. Feuerstein’s commitment personifies a company’s responsibility to a community and workers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) influences the local...

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Exxonmobil: Social Responsibility in a Commodity Market

ExxonMobil: Social Responsibility in a Commodity Market 1. Consider and discuss the impact of the rising price of petrol on as many other products and services as possible. Petrol is one of the most demanded products on earth. Because of this, not only the petrol prices are rising, but also the prices of those products, that are petroleum related products. In the service sector, the costs for transportation (trucking, air cargo, sea and rail carriers) are rising because of the rising costs...

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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) is the corporation's way of giving back to the community. This research paper will discuss and analyze the benefits and problems of corporate social responsibility to see if the community is really benefiting from it or if it is just one of those things the corporation has to do to get credit on their tax return or as check mark. This paper will also discuss the incentives for company to engage in CSR ,how consumers responds to CSR and their expectations from...

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The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility

The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility Dr. Karnani shows in this article from the Wall Street Journal, the pros and cons on whether businesses should be required to implement social welfare initiatives. For some companies, this idea is a win-win situation but there are other businesses that in order to promote these initiatives, they would have to lose profits. The idea of people helping people sounds very good but we have to be realistic, we are living in a capitalist country...

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Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

and ethical behavior. Companies, professional firms and individuals alike are being held increasingly accountable for their actions, as demand grows for higher standards of corporate social responsibility. Observing the existing laws and regulations is of high importance; however, it is not the only responsibility that companies will have to consider. Starting up a company is equaled to making a commitment to a large number of people, including shareholders, employees and consumers. All of the...

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Ethics and Social Responsibility

to avoid government intervention o to please customers, employees, and society o simply to do the right thing • Ethic of justice is based on principles like justice, fairness, equality, or authority. • Ethic of care is based on a sense of responsibility to reduce actual harm or suffering. Setting Corporate Ethical Standards Compliance-based ethic codes • Ethical standards that emphasize preventing unlawful behavior by increasing control and by penalizing wrongdoers. Integrity-based...

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