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Performance Standards for Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (Arpas)

data, including complete extinction of the ARPA data. 3.4.9 The method of presentation should ensure that the ARPA data are clearly visible in general to more than one observer in the conditions of light normally experienced on the bridge of a ship by day and by night. Screening may be provided to shade the display from sunlight but not to the extent that it will impair the observer's ability to maintain a proper look-out. Facilities to adjust the brightness should be provided. 3.4.10 Provisions...

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Tanker Fleet Statistics 2012

Seascope India Pvt Ltd Mumbai Tel: +91 22 6529 2440 mumbai@braemarseascope.co.in Braemar Seascope tel: +61 8938 80536 perth@braemarseascope.com.au tel: +61 3986 72177 melbourne @braemarseascope.com.au BraemarQuincannon Singapore tel: +65 6533 0069 ship@braemarquincannon.com.sg BraemarQuincannon Shanghai tel: +86 21 6321 2233 chartering@bqshai.com Braemar Seascope Research - Tanker Fleet Statistics - Private & Confidential 2 Tanker Fleet Statistics April 2012 Trading Tanker Fleet Profile ...

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Slavery In The Middle Passage

“Captives who survived evacuation from their interior points of capture experienced a new set of psychological and physical trauma at the coasts, where they saw the sea, huge slave ships, and white people for the first time.” (Robertson) It is estimated that between 9 to 11 million people died before the voyages to the Americas (“How Many People Were Taken From Africa?”). The Africans had to endure many hardships throughout their trip to the Americas and some did not make it. The trek to the coast...

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Marine Morse Code with Flags

| | Mike(MIKE) | My vessel is stopped; making no way. | ▬ ▬ | | November(no-VEM-bur) | No or negative. | ▬ • | | Oscar(OSS-kur) | Man overboard. | ▬ ▬ ▬ | | Papa(pah-PAH) | All personnel return to ship; proceeding to sea (In port). | • ▬ ▬ • | | Quebec(kay-BECK) | Ship meets health regs; request clearance into port. | ▬ ▬ • ▬ | | Romeo(ROH-me-oh) | None. | • ▬ • | | Sierra(see-AIR-ah) | Moving astern. | • • • | | Tango(TANG-go) | Keep clear; engaged in trawling. |...

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A Modern Modest Proposal

put to the side like a rotten piece of meat. Only fame, fortune, and good times are to be had by all. The fix to this problem is quite simple really. I declare that for every airplane that ships materials and parts to our factories in foreign countries shall be shot down without question. Every cargo ship that sails to move foreign made products will be torpedoed to the very depths of the sea. The seas shall welcome them into the cold dark clutches that is as one’s greedy heart. Lastly, all foreign...

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Pirates Vrs. Ninjas

saying why I think the ninjas could take the pirates. Pirates I will admit are fascinating to learn about. I mean think about it wouldn't you like to be in a pirates shoes. Raising the anchor and dropping sail and just sail to the closest cargo ship. Then you just take what ever you want from them and not having a care in the world about any one else. Pirates are known as the "thieves of the sea." If you really took a deep look at pirates then you would see they are not what Hollywood makes them...

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Sea Port in India

operational in April, 2009 In 2000 there were 102 shipping companies operating in India, of which five were privately owned and based in India and one was owned by the government (Shipping Corporation of India). In 2000 there were 639 government-owned ships, including 91 oil tankers, 79 dry cargo bulk carriers, and 10 cellular container vessels. Indian-flagged vessels carried about 15 percent of overseas cargo at Indian ports for financial year 2003. The Port Pipavav in Saurashtra, handled by APM terminals;...

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(IMO) and International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA), outline the scope of the services to be rendered and the technicalities of such systems. To date, systems use radar to detect and track ships at sea and in the fairways, radio direction finders to aid the identification of the ships, marine telecommunication sets to communicate with them, sometimes closed circuit television systems for near-shore surveillance, and lately, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), also known under the...

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negative impacts of tourism

Source: Caribbean Voice Enclave tourism Local businesses often see their chances to earn income from tourists severely reduced by the creation of "all-inclusive" vacation packages. When tourists remain for their entire stay at the same cruise ship or resort, which provides everything they need and where they will make all their expenditures, not much opportunity is left for local people to profit from tourism. The Organization of American States (OAS) carried out a survey of Jamaica's tourist...

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Shangri-La Pest Analysis

through tough times by assisting MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibition) companies to alleviate their business costs (Singapore Tourism Board, 2009). Not too long ago, the Singapore government cooperated with Indonesia to develop cruise ship tourism as Singapore is enjoying a cruise tourism boom (The Jakarta Post, 2011). This collaboration boosts economic bilateral ties and tourism. Previously, the Singapore government also backed entrepreneur Ong Beng Seng’s bid to hold the F1 grand prix...

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