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Cruise Ship

Since the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal opened, cruise tourism has been developed rapidly. In 2017, the number of ship calls attains about 250 while passenger throughput attains 850000 (“Speech by,” 2017). Recently, World Dream launched homeport in Hong Kong. By developing cruise tourism, is there any impacts affect Hong Kong and the region? For economic aspect, Hong Kong and the region can be benefited from cruise tourism. With increasing number of cruise tourists, it brings economic benefit to the...

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Cruise Ship

A cruise is providing customers with an experience of a lifetime. The company seeks to fulfill the following needs of the customers to the extent of delighting them: • Customer Service • Delivering on its Promise  MARKET TRENDS: The tourism industry has been growing at a high rate for the last few years. Due to busy lives, people are willing to spend more on vacations than anything else. Though most vacation packages are costly, but they provide a feeling of satisfaction and serve as a source...

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The Pollution Caused by Cruise Ships

Caused by Cruise Ships James Tapp Business Ethics, BUAD 5304 Cruise ships and the industry as a whole are vital to the economic stability of the local port cities in which they dock at daily. These ships carry up to 3,000 passengers who spend enormous amounts of money at tourist locations around the world. It is estimated that millions of dollars are generated and placed into the tourism markets annually. This is great news for local communities that depend on the cruise ship industry in...

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How Cruise Liners Run A Hotel At Hotel Case Study

discuss is how cruise liners run a hotel at sea. In this text there will be a discussion into one cruise line in particular. This cruise line has a history of 47 years of bringing traditional cruising to New York City, it was the first cruise liner to introduce freestyle cruising. This is the largest vessel to homeport in the city. The chosen cruise liner is called the Norwegian Cruise Line. This cruise line has a fleet of 13 ships in total. In this academic research there will be one ship discussed in...

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P&O Cruises Marketing Concepts

P & O Cruises is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading cruise lines that offer cruise holiday packages to exotic locations. P&O Cruises covers the five core marketing concepts, including: human needs, wants and demands; market offerings; value and satisfaction with the product or service; exchanges, transactions and relationships; and the target market. The marketer must try to understand the target market’s needs, wants and demands. The human needs are basic requirements which include food...

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Personal Narrative: The Bermuda Triangle

my face as we are loading onto the cruise ship. It is the summer of 2016, and my very first cruise. I brought my friend, Mariah, along with me for my first experience. We are on our way to Puerto Rico from Florida, which means we will be going through the Bermuda Triangle. There have been a lot of rumors about people disappearing or being transported into the future when they go through the Bermuda Triangle. I did not believe the rumors, but as we board the ship they are constantly running through...

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Cruise Ship: Holland America

CRUISE SHIP: HOLLAND AMERICA Holland America Line operates a fleet of 15 premium cruise ships offering more than 500 cruises annually on all seven continents. Holland America Line operates Cruise Tours to Alaska that combine a cruise with a land experience. CRUISE SHIPS Make annual World Voyages, sailing around the world, usually ranging from January to March/April/May. Statendam Class (S Class) - They were the first new HAL cruise ships to incorporate features like the atrium, the two-deck...

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Kai Tak Development

phased completion of a planned transport network, the new cruise terminal at the Kai Tak development site and neighbouring districts will be more closely connected, enhancing economic benefits, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Gregory So said. In a written reply to the Legislative Council, Mr So said the Government will continue to co-operate closely with major cruise companies and the Hong Kong Tourism Board to attract more cruise vessels to Hong Kong. He said more resources will be...

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proj 587

Most of the work of this project could be done internally with existing staff. One weekend of operations will be impacted by the project in its entirety. Project Rocky The Alaskan cruise ship industry is booming. For some reason, people like to look at icebergs. Unfortunately, our company is servicing no cruise ships in Alaska. Project Rocky is to expand into the Alaskan market. This project will require the acquisition of property in Alaska, renovation of that property, and staffing of the facility...

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Case Study: Rough Water Ahead

Case study: Rough Waters Ahead 1. Assuming Smooth Sailing uses US GAAP to prepare its financial statements, how should Smooth Sailings' management perform the recoverability test for the cruise ship as of December 31, 2010? In addressing this question, consider: a. What assets and liabilities should be included in the asset group" for purposes of performing the recoverability test? Ans.: According to FAS 144.41, "Component of an entity" describes operations and cash flows that can be...

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