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Ethical Lens Paper

My Ethical Lens Inventory My personal preferred lens is Rights and Responsibility and Relationship Lens. This means I use my reasoning skills to determine the universal rules that each person should follow and the processes that will ensure fairness and justice for all in the community. My core values are Autonomy/Equality and Rationality. This means for me interdependence is the goal, harmonizing the rights of individuals with the well-being of the community. I believe that universal rules...

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Nature Of Rhetorical Analysis In Critical Reading

the persuasive appeal of an artefact. A rhetorical appeal is an attempt to play on the natural human tendencies to associate situations. The three rhetorical appeals are logos, ethos, and pathos. Logos appeals to logic or deductive and inductive reasoning. Most academic writing apply logos by providing evidence of arguments in the form of statistical data or peer reviewed articles. Ethos is appeals to the morality of the author and relies on their credibility to gain the approval of the audience....

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"Do culture and individual beliefs affect logical thinking? If so,how do they influence the conclusions we reach?

of perception and learning and reasoning. Knowledge in short is knowledge about reality; its base is perception and method reason. Hence, reason plays a key role being the method. It is an analytic tool for understanding what we perceive and thus contributing to our knowledge. The issue of correct and coherent reasoning is important because it is a way of finding the truth. Reasoning in true sense is guided on the basis of logic. Logic in fact is a system of reasoning. In order to reason out about...

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Critical Thinking in Nursing

intellectual process of applying skills, and guidance. Nurses use critical thinking in order to make systematic and logical questions in order to maintain quality of care. This requires adherence to intellectual standards, proficiency in using reasoning, commitment to develop and maintain intellectual traits, and the ability for safe decision making. (Critical Thinking and Nursing, 2013) Requirements Critical thinking requires specific skills in order to stand effective. These skills remain a...

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Universal Intellectual Standards by Linda Elder and Richard Paul Universal intellectual standards are standards which must be applied to thinking whenever one is interested in checking the quality of reasoning about a problem, issue, or situation. To think critically entails having command of these standards. To help students learn them, teachers should pose questions which probe student thinking; questions which hold students accountable for their thinking; questions which, through consistent...

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What's the most Reliable WOK in relation to Mathematics?

and convince us that we’re real. Without memory, we have no past. This is a very important point that Tolle wants us to know. Reasoning is an interesting WOK as its lack is constantly connected to the thought process of adolescents. In this sense, reasoning is the WOK that links both Experience and Memory together to form a resulting conclusion. It is the reasoning that now thinks ahead to the future and uses logic to passively predict what is most probable to occur and therefore make the ultimate...

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Types of Reading

she/he is saying? Outlining the first paragraph of the story. What happened first, second and last? How are these things alike? How are they different? What things belong together? Inferential comprehension: Comprehension that involves using reasoning- drawing conclusions about the relationships between or among bits of information that are not explicitly stated. It requires relating background knowledge to what is read or applying knowledge about text structure to aid comprehension. Examples:...

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Critically thinking

Throughout life, people are constantly faced by situations, which necessitate them to make crucial decisions. It is important for individuals to utilise critical thinking, as it assists them to make better decisions based on evaluation and proper reasoning. According to Richard Paul and Linda Elder, critical thinking is the art of judging ideas by evaluating and analyzing them on evidence and relevance grounds (Paul & Elder, 2009). Robyn Walker (2011) goes into further details when defining critical...

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Teaching Smart People to Learn Summary

defensive. The problem Defensive behavior inhibits double loop learning. When a person feels threatened or embarrassed they are usually become defensive. They focus the attention on what the other person or parties have done wrong. This is defensive reasoning. When people don't have the desire to look at themselves and find their part in a situation then they prohibit learning. If the fault lies with others then they are not responsible for the change that must happen in order to solve the problem. They...

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leading destination

• Point-of-view - The point of view in the third person, as the focus of academic writing is to educate on the facts, not support an opinion. • Approach - Deductive reasoning is a big part of academic writing as your readers have to follow the path that brought you to your conclusion. • Deductive reasoning and an analytical approach are important in academic writing. Much planning and forethought are needed to have a well organized paper. ACADEMIC WRITING STRUCTURE An academic...

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