Tok: Logic and Intuition

Topics: Logic, Science, Scientific method Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: September 10, 2008
What is intuition? Our dictionaries define intuition as the ability of acquiring knowledge without a clear inference or the use of knowledge, without the use of any reasoning process. Intuition provides us with beliefs that we cannot necessarily justify. After analysing this definition we must ask ourselves if this definition is totally reliable, isn’t intuition directly connected with our personal experience? To what extent is intuition to be taken as seriously in the different areas of knowledge?

I think that personal experience is always present, we cannot think nor live without our personal experience which is always present in us, we cannot think without taking into account our experiences or feelings.

Intuition is a particular kind of feeling (emotion) that is often given as a source of knowledge. Intuitions are of course very different from emotions, but often they are seen of being more a matter of feeling than of thinking, which makes sense the following discussion and understanding of the subject. Intuition is generally seen as the perfect moment in which you find the solution to a problem without the use of neither any conscious nor reasoning process. This change from not being able to resolve a problem and suddenly seeing the answer is quite mysterious and no one really understands how intuition works. People use intuition not only to describe flashes of creative insight but also we relate it to our “sixth sense” hunches about things.

As we have a very big range and variety, we must distinguish between different types of intuitions, we can classify them in three different:

Core intuitions: our most fundamental intuitions about life, the universe and everything. Abstractly it could be argued that all of our knowledge is based on intuition, although it’s said that different ways of knowing such as perception and reason give us knowledge, they depend on intuition. Reason: The laws of logic are the starting point of all our reasoning, but...
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