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Research Process and Terminology

knowing will impact the research and how knowing can be and asset for the employee and the organization. Some important research terminologies are quantitative, qualitative, dependent variables, independent variables, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, scientific research, premises, and probability. Researcher must understand the meaning of these words to conduct a proper scientific research. For example: pure research is when conducting research for knowledge that may contribute...

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essay by incorporating ideas of other works of writing by other people and by drawing the audiences’ attention through realistic situations. I will not be doing a critique, I will be analyzing his essay to see whether he used deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning. Charles Murray wants to prove that too many people are going to college without having the proper core knowledge that should have been given to them in their middle school and high school years to prepare them for the higher level of...

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TOK essay on memory IB

have to communicate to. Internalization, make the lines personal, to become the character, dancer or musician. In the way of knowing memory plays a big role in inductive reasoning and you could ask, to what extent is reason based on previous memory experience? We jump to conclusions in inductive reasoning as the results of our memory since memory is the key to remember past events, for example a person has only seen a red rose all his life so therefore all roses must be red but that is...

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of prototyping. What are some that he discusses? What is meant by the idea of “just enough” in terms of prototyping? • What are the key concepts of abductive reasoning? What is the relation of abductive reasoning to design thinking? Why is Charles Saunders Peirce’s concept of “wondering” so important to abductive reasoning? • Review Barry Kudrowitz’ lecture notes. What is divergent thinking? What is the correlation between play and creativity? How do researchers describe the state...

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Inductive & Deductive Research

two broad methods of reasoning as the deductive and inductive approaches. Research Types Deductive Approach Inductive Approach 3 Deductive Research Approach THEORY HYPOTHESIS OBSERVATION Deductive reasoning works from the more general to the more specific. Sometimes this is informally called a "top-down" approach. Conclusion follows logically from premises (available facts) Waterfall CONFIRMATION 4 Inductive Research Approach Inductive reasoning works THEORY the other...

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Criminal Investigation Unit 5 Assignment Final Sharon Miller

why and how of a crime scene. Inductive reasoning is simply starting with a limited number of observations and increase that number by generalizing. In this scenario the investigator would utilize observation and characteristics of an individual or crime scene to develop a hypothesis. This allows the investigator to develop a theory in a small amount of time which could be critical in cases that may involve a terrorist or a serial killer. Deductive reasoning would start with a large group of possibilities...

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phl320 r2 critical thinking ch02b

Chapter Two, Part Two BOC and IBE Reasoning BOC REASONING •Coming to decisions often involves weighing considerations both pro and con. •Should I get a dog? •There are reasons for doing so, and reasons against doing so. •I must weigh them. © 2012 McGraw-Hill Higher Education. All Rights Reserved. Weighing considerations often involves both deductive and inductive reasoning. © 2012 McGraw-Hill Higher Education. All Rights Reserved. I shouldn’t get a dog because my landlord won’t allow it in...

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Philosophy - logical or illogic?

IS IT LOGIC OR ILLOGIC? Applying Deductive Reasoning In the case of deductive reasoning – the goal is to produce a sound argument. A deductive argument in sound if the reasoning is valid (meaning the form is correct) and the premises are true. Syllogisms Grouped into three categories – categorical, disjunctive, hypothetical Categorical Syllogisms whether things belong or do not The major premise and minor premise and conclusion express things that categorize things Proceeds from a general...

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Crime Scene Reconstruction

data and evidence must be continually reevaluated throughout the process of the crime-scene reconstruction. Deductive reasoning is what investigators strive for. This is the process of drawing a conclusion based on known facts or premises. (Clemens D. W., 2012) When an investigator uses deductive reasoning it allows them to come to a definitive conclusion. Inductive reasoning is the process of drawing a conclusion from premises one does not know are correct. (Saferstein, 2009) This is what can...

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Discuss the Roles of Language and Reason in History

TOK- Essay Question 9 “Discuss the roles of language and reasoning in history” 1451 words Nadia Lotze 000 865-015 Mr Skeoch History is the past written by the present. The very nature of this statement creates the predicament of historical knowledge. The historians of the present are under constant pressure of rapidly changing society; therefore what we discover from the past is dependent on our perceptions that are forever changing. History and historical explanations are deduced and manipulated...

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