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TEXTILES Dated 12th March, 2013 Government Launches Major Programme for Pashmina Developers in Ladakh Region The Ministry of Textiles is deeply concerned to learn that the recent unprecedented snowfall in Changthang region this winter has left twenty two thousand goats dead. The Ministry of Textiles, had earmarked funds last year for feed supplement and extended coverage period from 90 to 150 days to save Pashmina goats during exigencies. This timely sanction of funds for purchase of Feed...

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Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir

Apples and Cherries, the land of Pashmina and Tush shawls and finely woven carpets. On the other hand it is the land of innocent people who lost their family and home to terror and the political turmoil in the valley. I could see houses which once must have been full of life, now vacated and turned to ruins. In Srinagar, one can experience the hustle bustle of the markets of Lal Chowk and the Boulevard Road while shopping for teak handicrafts and Pashminas and tasting the famous Kashmiri Yakhni...

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€Œvegetal Pattern in Islamic Art”

carpet that is going to be talked about is from India. This is just a fragment of a carpet, which is just a quarter of the original. While most of the finest carpets in Islamic cultures were woven in silk, in India was wool. This carpet was woven with pashmina wool pile, a type of fine cashmere wool, on silk foundation. Although the carpet was woven in wool and silk, it seems as if it is velvet. This carpet consists of orange-ish and dark red-ish hues and a bit touch of green-ish colors. These choices...

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Hijab Styles

They can now cover themselves and can look good as well. For example, pashmina, long hijab, single piece hijab and square hijab. So today, I would like to show to you the differences of these hijabs. Pashmina Before this, women used pashmina to warm their body if they're feel cold or put it around your neck. But now, pashmina is using to cover their head and create so many pashmina styles (even myself wear pashmina). Pashmina hijabs are famous because of the fabric that is selected in their making...

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Is Water Resource the Only Source for the Development of Nepal?

fish do not meet the national demand as well and hence have to be imported from India. Other than these, there are other aspects as well. For example, it is possible to raise chyangra (mountain goat) and sheep in the Himalayan region for wool and pashmina. Also, if the apples produced in Mustang, Jumla and other parts of the country could be marketed properly or even used to make wine, this could add a new dimension to the existing industry. Nepal is regarded as the largest exporter of large cardamom...

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fishing nets called cheena-vala and the utensil called the cheenachatti is believed that the word cheen could have come from China. People here keep sheep and the sheep in this region are special because they produce pashmina wool. This wool is prized and pashmina shawls cost a lot of money. The people in Ladakh carefully collect the wool of the sheep and sell this to traders from Kashmir. Food habits A majority of people here eat rice, fish and vegetables. Each family owns some...

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Indian Costumes

traditional gown, is the most popular form of dressing among both men and women.Costumes of Himachal Pradesh are different for each community, be it the Hindu Brahmins, the Rajputs, and the tribal people. The soothing suppleness of the renowned Pashmina shawls is the specialty of the handlooms of Himachal Pradesh. Western influence is visible on the costumes of the younger generation of Himachal Pradesh these days .Punjab is famous for the Phulkari, which literally means flower-work, shawls ...

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Our Gorgeous Muslimah!

such as grand dinner, party and wedding ceremony. We can use the scarf that looks stylish like ‘Tudung Dubai’ and ‘Selendang Siti Nurhaliza’ but it must still suit our attire. According to Nor (2010), ‘Tudung Dubai’ or the other name is ‘Selendang Pashmina’ is easily be used by all Muslimah who want to get fastest but still look stylish. Muslimah can also wear sequin scarf to look more gorgeous and shining because of the sequins. However, makeup is also the important thing to look more attractive....

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General Awareness

fair, we get you glimpses from the fair, along with products to watch out for while you are there. As soon as you enter the fair from gate no. 7, you will be greeted by the Jammu and Kashmir pavilion that has a wide range of products, from Kashmiri Pashmina shawls and dry fruits to paintings. The dry fruit stalls have been put up by the state tourism.  The next pavilion in line is from Bihar and looks a tad different from last year. To up the fashion quotient of the pavilion, students of National Institute...

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Lifestyles of Indian States

 MakarSankranti and Janmashtami. 4. Himachal The native languages of Himachal are Pahari, Dogri, and Kangri.   The food of Himachalis is very similar to the rest of the north India but non-vegetarian food is more preferred. Himachal is well known for Pashmina shawl and Himachali caps. Some of the dances of Himachal are Losar Shona  Dulshol, Dharveshi, Drodi, Dev Naritya and Rakshas Nritya. The fairs and festivals include Kullu Dussehra, Shivratri , Shoolini Mela and Holi . 5. Kerala Kerala is...

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