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Ord V Belhaven Pubs Ltd

Salomon v A Salomon and Co Ltd (Salomon) has created an impressive case in English Law history. The decision of the House of Lords in Salomon has reaffirmed the separate legal personality of a company. A separate legal personality is also known as the corporate personality. It is one of the consequences of the Company Act 2006 which incorporated a sole trader company to a limited company. When a company has undergone incorporation, it simply means that the shareholders of the company are separated...

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Casenote Prest V Petrodel Ltd

Undergraduate Laws Case note March 2014: Important case note LA3021 Company law Prest v Petrodel Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 1395 Facts The parties were married in 1993. The wife was granted a divorce in 2008. In an action for ancillary relief the husband argued that properties could not be transferred to the wife as they were legally owned by various companies. These companies were wholly owned and controlled by the husband. The question on appeal was whether the court has power to order the transfer...

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Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd

Bàitập 1 – Chương 1 HãyđọccácđoạntríchtrongbảnánvàxácđịnhcácnguồnluậtvàTòaánđãsửdụng Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Broderip v Salomon) Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 is a landmark1 UK company law case. The effect of the Lords' unanimous 2 ruling was to uphold 3firmly the doctrine4 of corporate personality, as set out in the Companies Act 1862, so that creditors of an insolvent company could not sue the company's shareholders...

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Chappell & Co Ltd v The Nestlé Co Ltd

Chappell & Co Ltd v The Nestlé Co Ltd   [1959] 2 All ER 701 House of Lords   Nestlé, manufacturers of wrapped chocolate bars, advertised for sale, as part of an advertising campaign, the record 'Rockin' Shoes'. The price of the record was 1s 6d plus three wrappings from their 6d chocolate bars. Chappell, who were the sole licensees of the copyright of 'Rockin' Shoes', claimed that Nestlé had infringed their copyright and sought injunction and damages. Nestlé claimed that they were entitled...

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Company Law

essay will apply law theory and precedent cases to distinguish john case. The principle of corporate entity was established in the case of Salomon v A. Salomon, now referred to as the 'Salomon' principle Legal The House of Lords’ decision in Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] established the separate identity of the company. Salomon v A Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22 is a landmark UK company law case. The effect of the Lords' unanimous ruling was to uphold firmly the rule of corporate personality...

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Brewer V Mann

Brewer v Mann Queen's Bench Division 14 October 2010 Case Analysis Where Reported[2010] EWHC 2444 (QB); Official Transcript Case DigestSubject: Sale of goods Other related subjects: Sale of goods; Consumer law Keywords: Bailment; Breach of contract; Breach of warranty; Damages; Hire purchase; Misleading statements; Motor dealers; Trade descriptions; Warranties Summary: The claimant succeeded in her claims for breach of warranty and breach of contract in respect of the sale to her of...

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Kuehn v. Pub Zone

Kuehn v. Pub Zone What kind of case is this, civil or criminal? This is a civil case between Mr. Kuehn and Pub Zone. What is the difference? A civil case is between two parties where one party feels the other party is in some way responsible to the suing party. A criminal case is when a person or person’s commits a crime that state or federal considers offensive. Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant? Mr. Kuehn is the plaintiff and Pub zone is the defendant. What is the key...

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Van Den Berghs Ltd V Clark

services is income receipts while compensation for destruction of capital structure is capital receipts. The Act does not define ‘income’ or ‘capital’; therefore one needs to research through the cases laws for guidance. CASE LAW - Van den Berghs Ltd v Clark Fact A margarine manufacturer entered into business alliance agreements with a Dutch competitor. Following a dispute over amounts due to the company, the Dutch competitor paid £450,000 as damages for the cancellation of the company’s future...

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V. ANALYSIS Market Analysis There is an increasing number of dormitories, apartments and condominium units that are housing students and families. This is because of the presence of universities, colleges, and secondary schools in the area. They also observed the growing number of business establishments such as Internet cafes, laundromats, cafeterias, sari-sari stores and water stations. In the map of proposed site illustrated by Mar, there are 2 schools near the area, the University of Sto...

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Company Law - Corporate Identity

Case Name | Legal Principle | Facts | Held | Salomon v.Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22; Maclaine Watson & Co Ltd v International Tin Council 1989 | * A company is a legal entity separate and distinct from its shareholders and it not an agent of those shareholders * Lord Macnaghten pointed out that in an earlier case: Re Baglan Hall Colliery Co 1870 Giffard LJ had said that it was “the policy of the Companies Act” to enable business people to incorporate their businesses and so avoid incurring...

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