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  • Mysterious Affair at Styles

    The Mysterious Affair at Styles Author- Agatha Christie INDEX 1. Background of the author 2. Characters 3. Plot summary 4. Re-created few pages 5. Review of reviews 6. Legal vocabulary 7. Bibliography 8. Original Pages Background of the author Agatha Christie was born Agatha May Clarissa Miller in Devon‚ England in 1890‚ the youngest of three children in a conservative‚ well-to-do family. Taught at home by a governess and tutors‚ as

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  • A Mysterious Place

    A Mysterious Place You’re walking down a pathway with some of your friends‚ when you realize that you are all on your own. Nobody is around you except some scary looking figures with blood in their mouth and others that look like ghosts and scary monsters. You look left and right and the only thing you could see is fog. You look at your friends and they look as if they just seen someone pass away. You all remain silent and the only noise that you are able to here is the laughing of some clouds and

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  • An Historical Place

    Visits are a great source of information. When we go from one place to another‚ we are sure to learn a lot. Particularly‚ visits to historical places teach us so many things. Some times such places tell us stories better than the books on history. It is well said‚ “Architecture is a frozen music” A visit to historical place is always valuable for a student. It enriches his Knowledge and increases his vision. As it is said‚ “All the history is the biography of great men” Last Sunday‚ we decided

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  • The Most Relaxing Place

    humans always seeks for somewhere he can feel calm and relaxing as a getaway place. For someone‚ it could be his bedroom. For another one‚ it could be the beach. And‚ for some others‚ it could be Paris. All of those used to be where I thought I relaxed myself most‚ but surprisingly often times they bore me. The only place that I have been visiting very often and yet never disappoint me is my own mind as it is no-place attachment‚ present‚ and the most amazingly beautiful. ! After waking and doing

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  • Wisdom Sits in Places

    Although places are the backdrops for the activities of a culture‚ and place-names serve as reference points for these locations‚ both are socially constructed and this construction takes place in large part through language. Basso brings attention to the dialectic interplay between the construction of place and the definition of community for the Western Apache. While a relationship with the landscape exists to reinforce the cultural ideology of the Western Apache‚ such would not be possible without

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  • Place and Space

    Tj van Rensburg - 11029005 Critical Studies 2B - Place and Space Essay In unpacking the concept of ‘Place’ I have chosen to write about a photograph taken by Tareen Photography‚ a photographer from New Zeeland. It is a photograph depicting a homeless man on one of the many piers on the Durban beachfront. (Fig .1) I believe that this photo is a good example in discussing ‘place’ as a concept. Place is a word used in every day language‚ primarily to indicate a certain location that could even be

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  • Favourite Place

    My favourite place Everyone has their own one special place‚ a place where you can be you‚ where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you feel happy and comfortable being there. For some it’s a quiet place‚ for others it might be a hustling‚ bustling‚ full of people and movement place. But all of these places have one thing in common‚ they are places where you’d run to in times of both joy and misery. As for me‚ my favourite place is where I feel most comfortable and relaxed in‚ and

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  • Places That Shaped Me Essay

    Places That Shaped Me When a person thinks of their geologic location‚ they think of where they are on the Earth. A geographer would say that is one part of a location‚ space‚ the other concept of a location is place. When actually defining a sense of space there has to be an exact coordinate and distance to an area. Place on the other hand is the infusing of a location with meaning and emotion. It is important to have both of these aspects to a location because it defines where it is physically

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  • A Place That Is Important to Me

    A place that is important to me: I have lived in Bunbury for 15years. My family has occupied the house in which I live for 10years. I have two sisters and two brothers. I am the middle child. I have always felt that my home has been an important place to me. I have countless memories held within these walls‚ and almost all of them are positive. Home to me‚ has always been the roof above my head. Recently though‚ when my elder sister moved out‚ I have been lost by what home truly means. If I

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  • Place Small

    In Jamaica Kincaid’s “A Small Place”‚ she expresses her life in a world that is made to be an escape for pleasure for tourists who visit Antigua. In this memoir‚ the author illustrates a conflicted sense of life and identity on the island of Antigua. To tourists‚ it is a place of paradise‚ a sense of unreality‚ like the island is a stage that is set theatrically. It is a symbolically charged environment that creates a fictional world. It seems too good to be true. Consequently‚ Kincaid’s experience

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