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  • ETH 316 Syllabus

    Course Syllabus College of Humanities ETH/316 Version 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility Copyright © 2013‚ 2011‚ 2010 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. Course Description of GT08BSB3A from 4/10/14 to 5/8/14. The class will meet on 4/10‚ 4/17‚ 4/24‚ 5/1‚ and 5/8/2014. This course provides a foundational perspective for ethics and social responsibility in relationship to individuals‚ organizations‚ and the community. Emphasis is placed on the interrelated nature of ethics‚ morality

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  • Week 2 Eth 316

    Running Head: Fort HALLECK Community Profile Rgg ETH/316 F September 2‚ 2012 First named Camp Halleck after the then commander of the United States Army Major General Henry Halleck‚ the camp was formed in 1867. It was renamed Fort Halleck in 1879. During its early years‚ the camp became the social center for the nearby valleys. Much of the goods and other materials required by the camp were furnished by local ranchers

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  • ETH 316 Blood Money

    Blood Money Scenario Billy Brass ETH/316 March 29‚ 2012 Christopher Whetstine Blood Money Scenario Moral responsibility of all participants When it comes to human organs and individuals buying them from prisoners that have been executed to survive‚ one will have to ask themselves if they are making an ethical decision. Buying and selling human organs is illegal in the United States yet it is happening right now as we enter into the year 2015‚ where a lot of critical thinking has gone into

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  • final eth 316

    Reference: Matching Key Terms and Definitions a) Stake b) Primary stakeholder c) Secondary stakeholder 1. Business partners‚ customers‚ and employees. A. a) B. b) C. c) 2. An interest‚ claim‚ or right to something. A. a) B. b) C. c) 3. Opinion formers‚ community‚ and authorities. A. a) B. b) C. c) 4. Organization cultures vary widely‚ even within the same industry. a. True b. False 5. According to the authors‚ ethical behavior is defined

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  • Ethics Essay Eth/316

    Ethics Essay ETH/316 February 25‚ 2013 Ethics Essay The theories of virtue‚ utilitarianism‚ and deontology are similar in some aspects but for the most part are very different. Each of the theories will be explained to show their differences and the type of person that would gravitate towards that theory. Through the explanations one would also be able to consider where there morals or ethics may lie but can also see themselves in each theory. The Virtue Theory‚ also know as Virtue Ethics

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  • ETH 316 An Organization's Responsibility

    An Organization’s Social Responsibility June 21‚ 2013 ETH/316 An organization’s sense of social responsibility should be above the standard ethical and legal practices. Social responsibility extends to the company’s local and global communities. Companies that have social responsibilities takes into consideration those stakeholders who do not have a formal relationship with the company. Informal stakeholders include the residents of the community‚ its land‚ and

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  • Eth/316 the Responsibility Project

    The Responsibility Project Iris C. ETH/316 July 30‚ 2012 Penny E. Hylton‚ PhD‚ MBA The Responsibility Project The lack of responsibility in collegiate athletics has become a common practice and very little is being done about it. As the sport continues to grow there is a need to remain concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility in sports. With the rising interest in collegiate athletics‚ there is a need to further investigate the constructs of social responsibility and social accountability

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  • Eth 316 Week 1

    Week 1 Individual Assignment Kevin Sprenger ETH/316 May 13‚ 2013 Tammy Matthews Introduction Utilitarianism‚ deontological‚ and virtue theory ethics are three normative approaches to ethics. This paper will go over the similarities and differences between virtue theory‚ utilitarianism‚ and deontological principles. It will include information of the variations in how each concept details ethics‚ morality‚ and it will also discuss a personal experience to describe the correlation between

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  • ETH/316 Final Exam

    ETH/316 Final Examination Reference: Matching Key Terms a) Implicit Contract b) Veil of Ignorance c) Virtue Ethics d) Utilitarianism e) Deontology f) Hedonism 1. “There is no I in Team.” One for all and all for one best describes _utilitarianism_______________. 2. “There is no I in team‚ but there is an M and a E (me).” To seek the greatest amount of pleasure for self and the majority of the group best describes _____Hedonism________. 3. “I will do my best to do my duty…” To strive

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  • Game of Ethics Eth/316

    The Ethics Game Dilemma Ethics 316 September 30‚ 2012 The Ethics Game Dilemma The Ethics Game Simulation is a tool created to teach how the decision-making process affects various stakeholders‚ and the ethical value of the decision determinations. Business organizations have encountered new challenges of ethical awareness with the increased globalization of industries and markets. People of many cultures‚ social statuses‚ and religions are joined in various business opportunities and projects

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