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Bilingualism Bilingualism is the ability to communicate in two languages unlike monolingualism, which is the ability to speak only one language. More than half of the world’s population can speak two or more languages, people tend to use it in their everyday lives. It’s not surprising that so many people can be bilinguals, since there are roughly 6,500 languages spoken in the world. Each individual country can have more than one language, such as in India there are 445 languages, in Indonesia...

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Multilingualism  among  MBA  students  in  Nepal,  Advantage  in  Corporate  Nepal   1   Multilingualism among MBA students in Nepal, Advantage in Corporate Nepal Shrizana Shrestha MBA I – Fall 2012, Kathmandu University School of Management Email: 12133_shrizana@kusom.edu.np Sandeep Sigdel MBA I – Fall 2012, Kathmandu University School of Management Email: 12134_sandeep@kusom.edu.np Ashish Silwal MBA I – Fall 2012, Kathmandu University School of Management Email:...

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Multilingualism and Mother Tongue

Mother tongue-based multilingual education (MLE) is a formal or nonformal education, in which the children’s mother tongue is used in the classroom as a bridge in learning Filipino and English. Children begin their education in a language they understand, their mother tongue, and develop a strong foundation in their mother language. The purpose of a multilingual education program is to develop appropriate cognitive and reasoning skills enabling children to operate equally in different languages...

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Advantages Multilingual

understand and appreciate literature in various languages. It gives them a deeper knowledge of different ideas and traditions. Needless to say, they do not face difficulties in communication whilst in a foreign country.  Cultural Advantages Multilingualism offers an access and exposure to different cultures. Due to a wider cultural experience, there is a greater tolerance and open-mindedness of differences in creeds and customs.  Character Advantages Language builds a bond between people. When...

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Language: Linguistics and Mother Tongue

(IMLD) to be observed throughout the world each year on 21 February. This celebration is designed to promote linguistic diversity and multilingual education, to highlight greater awareness of the importance of mother tongue education. Multilingualism is a source of strength and opportunity for humanity. It embodies our cultural diversity and encourages the exchange of views, the renewal of ideas and the broadening of our capacity to imagine. Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General Linguistic...

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Do You Think That the Internet Makes Large-Scale Language Change Possible Without in-Person Human Contact?

indicate the Internet as less influential in language convergence. Furthermore, the author emphasises that contact resulting to convergence changes language phrenology, introduces novel words and changes sentence structures. During such changes, multilingualism may occur, endangering and extinction of other languages due to continued decline may occur too. Correspondingly, Winford also views contact as the only effect approach to convergence although he stresses that it is holistic and inducible using...

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essay 1

leave.” 2. For me I think the mayor maybe think learn more language is beneficial for people, but he did not consider people are whether or not have ability to study bilingualism. 5. Hayakawa discusses the negative effects of bilingualism/multilingualism in other countries. What are they? Answer: 1.“Bilingualism is a costly and confusing bureaucratic nightmare. The Canadian government has estimated its bilingual costs to be nearly $400,000,000 per year. It is almost certain that these expenses...

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Language Innovations

Language Innovations in a Multi-lingual Classrooms Multilingualism is noticed all around the world. Connotatively, multi as several or many, and lingual as language, combined, basically meaning the use of multiple languages. It does not simply dictate the language they use but also the place where they have been influenced and had grown, thus, even reaching out to multiculturalism, meaning multiple experiences, influences, cultures, ideals, and more. It is clear furthermore that the above linguistic...

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Notes on Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition (Sla)

Notes on Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Terminology: it is customary in studies of multilingualism to refer to a person’s first language or native language as “L1” and a person’s second language as “L2” Common Myths about Bilingualism/SLA * Speaking two languages to a young child will confuse them. * Speaking two languages to a young child will slow down their development. * Supporting L1 takes away from acquiring L2. * Younger children are better at getting...

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multilingualism in nigeria

v v vi vi vi vii ix ix x x xi xi xi xii xii xii iii ENG 454 COURSE GUIDE INTRODUCTION ENG 454: Multilingualism is a three-credit unit course. This course introduces key theoretical and practical issues in the study of multilingual societies and individuals, exploring these at the levels of the nation, the region, and the group. Multilingualism examines topics like: languages and cultures; core concepts and core values; language attitudes; assimilation and pluralism;...

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