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  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws

    estimates that helmets saved 1‚784 motorcyclists from death in 2007. If all motorcyclists had worn helmets‚ an additional 800 lives could have been saved. As an avid motorcycle operator‚ I have been in a few close calls of my own. Luckily for me‚ if something would have occurred‚ I would have at least been safer due to my motorcycle helmet. It is safe to say that thousands of lives could be saved each year by national adoption of universal helmet laws. From 1984 through 1995‚ helmets saved the lives

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  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws

    Motorcycle Helmet Laws 1 Running Head: Motorcycle Helmet Laws Impact of Mandatory Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws CariAnne Kestrel July 15‚ 2012 Utica College SOC 376-Z1 Criminological Research Methods Professor Gregory Fulkerson Summer 2012 Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2 Over the past 30 years‚ many states have enacted mandatory helmet laws for motorcycle drivers. There have been many states that have rescinded these laws for reasons that may not be known by those most interested

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  • The Motorcycle Helmet Law

    of people all over the United States choose motorcycles over automobiles for the thrill‚ speed‚ and high performance capabilities. On the other hand‚ motorcycles are not at all the safest way of transportation. Motorcycles do not provide the passenger with the outer protection that cars provide‚ therefore‚ when one crashes‚ the results are usually much more serious. Injuries to the head are responsible for 76% of fatalities when dealing with motorcycle crashes many of which could have been prevented

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  • Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate

    Universal Motorcycle Helmet Laws Right or Wrong? Across the United States‚ every year millions of license drivers choose to ride motorcycles rather than drive automobiles for a variety of reasons; Reasons range from individual pleasure to a much more cost effective way to travel. The universal motorcycle helmet law debate over the past forty years has revolved around whether the federal government should adopt a universal helmet law that mandates all motorcyclists to wear helmets at all times

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  • Motorcycle Helmet Laws in America

    Introduction Motorcycle are not the safest means of transportation but millions of people all across America choose them over automobile for the trill‚ speed and high performance capabilities they offer in fraction of the price of a automobile. Motorcycle do not provide the protection like automobiles do with their outer body and safety features like air bags and seat belts‚ therefore in case of an accident the injury sustained by the rider is often very serious. When dealing with motorcycle accidents

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  • Motorcycle helmet law essay

    Michigan Motorcycle helmet law Hello‚ I am here today to talk to you about the Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law. -This law permits anyone that is 21 years of age or older that has at least 20‚000 dollars in heath insurance and has passed a safety course in the past 2 years to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. I am also here to persuade you that this law doesn’t have a person’s safety as the top priority. Just recently I have witnessed a motorcycle crash happen right before my eyes

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  • Helmet Law

    Keicha Rater Mr. Hatke Dispatch/Law April 15‚ 2013 Helmet Law There is not a federal law in the United States requiring wearing helmets. Each state can make up their own helmet law. There are three states in the United States that doesn’t have a helmet law‚ Illinois‚ Iowa‚ and New Hampshire. There are nineteen states that has a mandatory helmet law‚ which is where you are supposed to wear your helmet at all times. These nineteen states are Alabama‚ California‚ Georgia‚ Louisiana‚ Massachusetts

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  • Design of Helmet

    DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (DESIGN OF HELMET) [pic] Presented by: T.V.BAHEERATHAN GAUTHAM THANGAVELU Final year Final year Mechatronics Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Kumaraguru College of Kumaraguru College of Engineering. Engineering. 9843348433 9944202600 PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (DESIGN OF HELMET) ABSTRACT In today’s

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  • Wearing Bicycle Helmets for Our Security

    bicycle helmets for our security Introduction Our organization called Student Volunteers for China’s Future (SVCF). We adopts projects such as promoting education in undeveloped areas of China‚ campaigns to stop genocide‚ stop the use of land mines and stop the manufacturing of “bombies”. Now‚ our group has initiated is to encourage the children of China to wear bicycle helmets. Helmet is to protect our brain if we fall down. It will cause brain damage and even death without helmets. Our university

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  • Motorcycle Helmets

    could have been saved if a helmet was used. In the United States‚ laws are always seen as something to be changed constantly especially when dealing with motorcycles. The law dealing with wearing a helmet is one law that will always change state to state. When on a road trip on your bike the last thing you want to be thinking about is “Do I have to wear my helmet right now? Or is it ok to ride ‘free’ for an hour or so?”. Of the fifty states‚ only three are 100% helmet law free. Illinois‚ Iowa and

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