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  • North Carolina

    North Carolina Motivation for Founding: In 1653‚ some Virginians settled in what would become North Carolina. In 1663‚ King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the area south of Virginia. They created Carolina and included the previous settlement. However‚ because of internal problems‚ the crown took over the colony and formed North and South Carolina out of it in 1729. Significant Events: • This was a collection of disparate settlers which often led to internal

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  • North Carolina Paper

    the Civil War brought to North Carolina both of their lives would change forever. Born in Smithville NC‚ the son of a bondwoman and a white ship’s pilot‚ Abraham Galloway grew to manhood as a slave brick mason. At age 20 he escaped from bondage‚ hiding in the hold of a north-bound ship‚ eventually reaching Canada – and freedom. Galloway emerged quickly as a militant abolitionist and activist. During the Civil War‚ Galloway spied for the Union Army in Virginia‚ North Carolina and the Mississippi River

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  • Politics In North Carolina

    North Carolina is an incredible place to call home. From the mountains to the coast‚ the state is filled with so much to do and a diverse population. The major companies and prestigious universities make it a wonderful place to do business‚ and the many famous people from the state make it reputable and respectable. The economy is decent‚ and the crime rates are satisfactory and not high compared to several other states. North Carolina is also a ‘swing-state‚’ so the political climate is moderate

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  • Diversity In North Carolina

    In North Carolina there exists a small rural community college. This community college served the academic needs to six surrounding counties. Its mission was to offer a high-quality‚ ground-breaking education‚ and student support that stimulated scholarly achievement‚ educational excellence‚ and economic growth. The English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) program fell under the guidance of this mission statement. Diversity was widely accepted and valued in the E.S.L. program and college-wide in all

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  • North Carolina Colony Essay

    Colony of North Carolina In the 1580’s British established two colonies in North Carolina‚ both in which they failed. However‚ In the 1600s permanent settlers from Virginia began to move to North Carolina‚ and it eventually became part of a British colony known as “Carolina." North Carolina was first settled in 1587 by settlers that were led by John White in which they landed on present day Roanoke Island on July 22‚ 1587. In 1524 Giovanni de Varrazano was the first European to visit North Carolina

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  • North Carolina and Rhode Island

    North Carolina and Rhode Island possess both similarities and differences for founding and development. As a result of geography and previous history‚ North Carolina and Rhode Island vary in their relations with Native Americans. Rhode Island and North Carolina share similarities pertaining to motivations for colonization‚ political development and religious attitudes. Rhode Island was essentially founded by Roger Williams who fled to the area in 1636 with the help of amicable Indians. Rhode

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  • Early Intervention in North Carolina

    Early Intervention in North Carolina “Early intervention is a term that often is used to describe specific agencies‚ programs‚ services‚ and resources. In North Carolina‚ early intervention has been described as a system of services provided by many different agencies and programs for children birth to five and their families. The system is for students who are having difficulties in the general education classroom but has not been placed into the special education class. This comprehensive‚ interagency

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  • Immigration in Charlotte, North Carolina

    XXXXXXXXXX u01a1 Select and Define a Major Urban Area – Charlotte‚ North Carolina HIS1000 - Immigrants in the American City Professor Jennifer Worley October 14‚ 2011 As a consultant for Americans Can Do Better Now (ACDBN)‚ I have been tasked with reviewing and analyzing the history‚ customary cultures‚ and economic atmosphere of Charlotte‚ North Carolina. According the United States Census Bureau‚ the population of Charlotte was approximately 704‚000 with nearly 97‚000 considered foreign

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To North Carolina

    North Carolina         We finally moved to North Carolina and I was devastated. I felt like I had to leave behind all of the friends I had just started formulating deeper bonds with. I felt like I had to start over from scratch with making friends and I missed Khalif; and finding out that he contacted me the night before we moved  and I missed his call‚ didn’t make things any easier. I never told him I was moving when I found out. I figured since we wasn’t together anymore‚ why bother. He found

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  • North Carolina Dental Board Case Study

    The North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners (Dental Board) is responsible for regulating the practice of dentistry in North Carolina. Their primary duty is licensing dentists in the state and ensuring dentists continue to meet licensing requirements. The Dental Board also has other more limited duties such as policing individuals who engage in dentistry‚ without a license. In those roles‚ the Dental Board both creates rules to regulate dentistry in the state‚ and makes individual decisions

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