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Margins: Meaning of Life and Frazier

In Ian Frazier’s essay, “In Praise of Margins”, the author talks about his childhood life and how he had “margins” where he and his friends would do things and nothing would matter because they wouldn’t care. “Marginal” thought is valuable because it allows adults to use their imagination. His purpose is to try new activities without shame; it’s the spur of the moment that defines margin. I think his view about marginal activity is comprehensive and relatable. When we think of margins, we think...

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Meaning of Life and Poem

graduate of the University of Zimbabwe. A good writer, he won the first prize in Literature in English in the Zimbabwean Book Publishers Associations' Award in 1991. He has also published several children's books in his life. Discussion There is no set garentee to unlock the meaning of a poem. Each poem dictates an individual mode of approach. A useful approach to the analysis or discussion of a poem is to list some of the elements that are foregrounded in the poem. M H Abrams defines foregrounding...

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Dreams: Meaning of Life

the beauty of their dreams.” Dreams are the most amazing things in life, we all love to dream and we all love to hope and to see ourselves getting better and achieving more each day. Dreams are the only reason that makes people like me to be happy and force life’s obstacles. I always try to set my goals and work hard as I can to reach them. I believe with determination. Ever since, I never fear to face the hardships of life, because fear is an ugly word. I always convince myself to never give...

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Meaning of Life and Success

"If someone is working towards a predetermined goal and knows where he or she is going, that person is a success. If they are not doing that, they are failures. Success is a journey and not a destination. Success is not about material acquisition. Life is made up of three vital areas: spiritual, health, and a contribution to society. In other words, to achieve success for some people is to be financially wealthy, and that’s great for them, however; for me it’s these three areas I must concentrate...

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Existentialism: Does Life Have Meaning?

people would like to think that their life has some kind of meaning or purpose. However how this meaning in life is obtained can cause some differing views. One may believe that they were born with a purpose in life and the other may believe that it is their own responsibility to give their own life meaning. While the first belief may be the preferred option, it doesn’t seem very practical. Existentialists believe that one must give meaning to their own life, which in all reality seems to be the...

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Meaning of Life and Fast Lane

let well enough alone Meaning: If you leave well enough alone, or let well enough alone, you don't try to improve or change something that's already good enough. For example: The kids seem happy enough now so let's just leave well enough alone and forget about finding a new school for them.
 skate on thin ice- Meaning: If you're skating on thin ice, you're doing something risky, or you're in a situation that could quickly become dangerous. jockey for position- Meaning: If you jockey for position...

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Meaning of Life and Poem

persona to take theblame for all kinds of mistakes and irresponsiblebehaviour that happens inthe persona’s house. The persona is probably introuble for doing thingswrong and is blaming Mr.Nobody so that he or she willnot be scolded or punished. MEANING OF THE POEM  STANZA 1 :- The funny little man mentioned in the poem is a little boy, perhaps three to five years old. This is because; a child within that age usually does not talk much rather than making things that require them to learn. However...

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Meaning of Life and Brother

among all the people that have influenced me, the one that has the greatest effect on my life is my brother Sam. Sam is twenty-three years old, leaving a six year age gap between the two of us. Sam has prominently impacted my life. He is the one person who knows me the best that has the most influence on my life. He is the one person that has had a lasting effect in my decisions and the way I perceive life. It is due to him that I am the brave, enthusiastic, and ambitious person I am today. My...

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Meaning of Life and Dream Boy

Faike was a very important person in Natalia’s life as well as in mine, and for many, many other people. During his struggles battling cancer, Natalia got inspired to write this song about him and his hard-hitting life fight. It’s a very emotive song, that has touched a lot of people’s hearts. It’s a song people listen to when missing or thinking about Faike. First, the title “Dream Boy” is an inspiration to believe in that no matter how hard life gets or how complicated it seems to be, you just...

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Soapstone: Meaning of Life and Daffodils

“pensive mood” (Line 20; Wordsworth) for us to realize the beauty of nature, because we should always admire its beauty. Poem Analysis TP-CASTT 1. Title: The title seems to give off a sense of relaxation and a worry free feeling. Floating through life with no worries, like a cloud. 2. Paraphrase: A person is wandering around like a cloud does when it floats high over vales and hills. At a glance he sees a host of golden daffodils beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing...

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