Meaning of Life and Freedom

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What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom means the right to act freely. Freedom to me means when I feel free from any disturbances, problems and home works. Freedom has connection between our real lives, like when we feel the freedom we will be free and can do anything what we want to do. Since that is the meaning of freedom for me I will show some examples of freedom in my life.

Where do I feel free? I usually feel free when I was at my house because in my house there won’t be any disturbance and there will only be me living with my family. It is really different from school because in school there was my friend and teacher, which makes me feel not free. One day I was at my house alone and I feel the freedom and I like it. This Describes where can I feel free and It will be better when there is no disturbance happening like in my house.

In term of financially I feel free when I was in Indonesia, because if I’m not in Indonesia but I lived in England. The money I spent in England will be more than in Indonesia where I still got the same amount of pocket money. And if I live in Africa maybe I will be rich from my pocket money but the place I live will not be so free. So I chose Indonesia to be the freest place in term of financially. This describes why I couldn’t live in a rich country except I will get more money if I live in the rich country.

I also could feel free when I was very healthy. If I get dizzy, stomach problems, or less sleep I wouldn’t be very free because these diseases will impact my health. Just like when I play football, I won’t play very good if I get some disease attacking me. But when I feel healthy, no disease on my body, I will play very good. So feeling free will require no disease harming us, which means we must be healthy.

I feel free when I have my friends beside me, where it feels comfortable when we play, talk, or hangout with them. Like one day when I was alone at my house no siblings and friends accompany me, I feel very...
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