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Public Policy and Section Assessment

public policies when the candidate of a political party holds office in the government. (b) What is a single-interest group? This group focuses on one particular issue and creates public policies concerning it. 4. How is lobbying used to influence public policy? Lobbying is used to influence public policy by pressuring legislators to bear aspects of the public policy-making process. Analyzing Political Cartoons 28 & 29     28. (a) What does the building in the cartoon represent? The building...

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Iron Triangle

Iron Triangles Definition The closed, mutually supportive relationships that often prevail in the United States between the government agencies, the special interest lobbying organizations, and the legislative committees or subcommittees with jurisdiction over a particular functional area of government policy. As long as they hang together, the members of these small groups of movers and shakers tend to dominate all policy-making in their respective specialized areas of concern, and they...

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Interest Groups in Taxation

representation stems from either a view point or stance for a plethora of issues. There are hundreds of different interest groups that represent view points from big business. Interest groups represent their portion of the public by lobbying congress. Interest groups use lobbying as a way to influence congress. This process includes getting lobbyists or people who exemplify interest groups before the government. Usually lobbyists do this by educating the government about issues that their members are interested...

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Privileged Position of Business

business privilege toward political benefits: “predominance in lobbying policy makers, the role of business in financing elections, and messages favorable to business in the media, schools, and universities.” Face - 2 Hudson deems this power “more subtle and sometimes unnoticed’ emphasized by analysts like Charles Lindblom, “in two arenas: within the business enterprise itself and outside it, over society.” Corporations “predominance in lobbying policy makers” is a powerful instrument, making sure to...

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Government 2305

Group -Trade organizations. Usually support policies that benefit specific industries -The American Medical Association and the American Political Science Association are examples of Professional interest groups -Which of the following is a direct lobbying technique used by interest groups to influence public policy? Providing expertise and research results for legislators -Federal laws governing campaign financing have allowed corporations, labor unions, and special interest groups to raise funds...

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Interest Groups: United States Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce is an advocacy interest group that emerged over one hundred years ago and still remains one of the most prominent interest groups of our nation today. The United States Chamber of Commerce, also referred to as the USCC, is a Lobbying Group who puts dominant focus on business advocacy and trade association around the America. The USCC is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses. The Chamber is made up of a variety of...

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statement of purpose

organization with a fixed membership similar to NASAA. I have found that the goals I’ve set for myself have come from the experiences and the people I meet who expose new opportunities and ideas. I hope to get a better perspective for grassroots lobbying through a fellowship or internship to determine this exciting new goal. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE After graduation I moved out of my home state of New York, to Michigan to explore new opportunities. I started out as an Elections Specialist for a...

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Pol 101

According to hyperpluralist theorists, which of these is NOT a result the America’s interest-group politics? Correct Answer: Budgets are characterized by fiscal discipline since each group acts as a watchdog over the others 3. Pluralists argue that lobbying Correct Answer: is open to all and is therefore not to be regarded as a problem. 4. Which of the following statements about the elite-theory perspective on groups is FALSE? Correct Answer: Elite theorists believe groups provide an effective...

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AP Government Study Guide - Interest Groups

leaders may either weld the various elements together or sharpen their disunity Techniques Publicity and Mass Media Appeals Mass Mailing Influence on Rule Making Litigation Protest Election Activities Forming a Political Party Cooperative Lobbying The Influence of Lobbyists -Individuals who represent interests are called lobbyists, who are the employees of associations who try to influence policy decisions and positions in the executive and especially in the legislative branches of our gov’t ...

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Law Reform

hoping to benefit out of it, or the RSPCA, where members are lobbying against cruelty to animals. These groups try to pressure the government to reform, without actually being part of a political party themselves. Some examples of active pressure groups in Tasmania are the Tasmanian Greens, and the Wilderness Society. In order for a pressure group to gain support and recognition for their cause, they may use tactics such as lobbying, handing our flyers and pamphlets and other media, conducting...

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