Interest Groups

Topics: Official, Lobbying, Advocacy group Pages: 4 (1612 words) Published: June 13, 2013
Special Interests
POL110 – U.S. Government
Dr. Leah Raby
Carlos A. Machado Z.
June 9th, 2013

An interest group, also called an advocacy group or lobbying group, is a group of people or a no-profit organization that is determined to make or prevent changes in public policy without seeking political control (Wilson 2009). These include environmental, consumer, and political. Interest groups can be traced since the preindustrial years from 1830s to the 1870s, it was integrated by middle class citizens and was intended more for charity. Between the 1860s and the 1900s in the industrialization process more economic and union organization were created. And from the 1900s till now the majority of group that we have today where created promoting postindustrial values like environmental issues, civil rights etc.. There are many ways to classify Interest Groups, one way to classify them is in two types: institutional interests and membership interests (Wilson 2009). Institutional Interests represents other organization interests, like Business firms, Local government foundations, and universities. These groups tend to address broader issues because they can represent different organizations, for example, in the United States Chamber of Commerce represents many businesses in different communities. This means that they can address issues that can apply to all businesses like lower taxes, but avoiding others like tariff that many business leaders can differ. Membership Interests groups are more associated with religious, civic, or political groups and they address more specific policies. Examples of Institutional Interest are is The United States Chamber of Commerce, It was founded in 1912 requested by U.S. president William Howard Taft, in order to assist businesses welfare. It represents more than 3 million businesses in all size, sectors, and regions, forming the world’s largest business organization. It has committees for any sector from education to...
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