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  • British Judiciary

    Does the composition of the judiciary adequately represent British society today? The key purpose of this essay is to explore and critically analyse the current composition of the British judiciary as it stands today. Using statistics‚ reports and articles this paper will attempt to illuminate the subject‚ and in turn‚ explain why the judiciary seems to be a force of older‚ white males‚ yet has an apparent absence of women and ethnic minorities amongst the higher positions of the courts system

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  • Judiciary Branch

    The Least Dangerous Branch in U.S. Government The judiciary branch of the United States’ government is comprised of a system of courts‚ on both federal and state levels‚ which are used to bring justice to cases between citizens of the States. The power of judicial review gives the courts the authority “to review and‚ if necessary‚ declare actions of the legislative and executive branches invalid or unconstitutional” (Ginsberg). It’s interesting that the branch that works to uphold the

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  • Transformation of Judiciary System

    The call by some senior members of the African National Congress for the transformation of the Judiciary doesn’t compromise judicial independence Introduction In the trias politica‚ every arm of government has equal power compared to other arms of the government. However‚ to make sure that all the arms of government in the trias politica have equal powers they must be accountable to each other. That means they must implement the oversight to one another so that no arm of government ends up with

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  • Corruption in the Indian Judiciary

    IN INDIA judiciary is one of the three pillars having co-existence with legislature and executive. Judiciary is in some way at a higher pedestal amongst these three organs because it is the only mechanism to keep the executive and legislature within their jurisdictions by confining them not to abuse or misuse their powers. It controls‚ corrects or quashes the executive‚ however high it is‚ and even sets aside acts of the legislature if it acts contra-constitutionally. Judiciary is the guardian

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  • Mobile courts and independence of judiciary

    VOL 18 NO -301 REGD NO DA 1589 | Dhaka‚ Saturday September 3 2011 Mobile courts and independence of judiciary M S Siddiqui In a democratic country it is a prerequisite that all citizens get economic and social justice. The economically deprived people need either free or state sponsored legal assistance to get justice and fair trial. This will uphold human rights and equality. This is a component of rule of law for any society. It is not a charity‚ but a civil right of the citizens. It ensures

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  • The British Judiciary is both independent and impartial

    The British judiciary is both independent and impartial? The Judiciary of the United Kingdom is not a single body. Each of the separate legal systems in England and Wales‚ Northern Ireland and Scotland has their own judiciary. The British Judiciary plays a vital part in British Politics. This is unblemished as the judicial system is significantly responsible for a multitude of political roles. The senior judiciary help interpret the meaning of law and directly enforce the rule of law. Similarly

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  • The impact of the judiciary on entrepreneurship- Evaluation of Pakistan s

    Journal of Public Economics 93 (2009) 114–125 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Public Economics j o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w. e l s ev i e r. c o m / l o c a t e / e c o n b a s e The impact of the judiciary on entrepreneurship: Evaluation of Pakistan ’s “Access to Justice Programme”☆ Matthieu Chemin ⁎ Department of Economics‚ UQAM‚ Canada a r t i c l e i n f o Article history: Received 17 May 2007 Received in revised form 11 April 2008 Accepted

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  • The Independence of the Judiciary Is an Important Value in Irish Constitutional Law

    “The independence of the judiciary is an important value in Irish constitutional law”. Article 35.2 states “All judges shall be independent in the exercise of their judicial functions and subject only to this Constitution and the law”.The above Article and Article 6 encapsulate the separation of powers in the Irish Constitution‚ from the perspective of the judiciary. The judiciary guard their exclusive powers jealously. In Buckley v. A-G [1950] I.R. 67 (otherwise known as the Sinn Féin Funds

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  • The Judiciary

    The Judiciary Introduction: This question raises the issues of the constitutional position of the judiciary and the significance of judicial independence for the operation of the rule of law. We will consider recent changes to the leadership of the judiciary and the process of judicial appointment. Judges are expected to be personally independent in the sense that they must decide cases purely on the strict application of the law to the evidence presented‚ irrespective of personal preference or

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  • Judiciary

    Lesbia Cruz Mr. Amado Chan Engl 1035 18 July‚ 2012 Judiciary of Belize Charles Evans Hughes said‚ “We are under a Constitution‚ but the Constitution is what the judges say it is‚ and the judiciary is the safeguard of our property and our liberty and our property under the Constitution”. The legal system that Belize has is the judiciary and it is an independent branch of the government. Independent from government influence so that it does protect the rights of the ‘small’ people in society

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