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The topic – It is always better to have clarity on the topic as it allows a clear flow of ideas. Lobbying, in fact, are the attempts made by certain corporate groups to influence the direction of legislative policy of a country/state in such a manner so as to bring benefits to them and safeguard their interests. The objective can be achieved by influencing legislators, members of Parliament and create a lobby to bring forth and get the favourable legislations passed. A lobbyist may be an individual...

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Direct Lobbying

Paper by Jade Dillon Strategy: Lobbying Lobbying is a form of advocacy. The goals of advocacy and lobbying are similar; Lobbying is one of several advocacy strategies that seek to influence legislation through influencing the government and its leaders. Advocacy consists of purposive efforts using different methods to oppose certain legislation, change a government policy, or to influence the awarding of funding to a particular organisation. Therefore lobbying is the act to advocate on behalf...

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The Nature of Lobbying

Com318 Lobbying Practices Jessica Maclennan Lobbying involves the advocacy of an interest that is affected, controlled or protected by government leaders. The practice of lobbying has the power to voice concerns, shape political policy and influence leaders. With such power being held within the hands of lobbyers it raises questions on the restrictions and regulations that should be upheld within lobbying. Ever since the Federation in 1901, the government has been steadily extending its...

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The Difference Between Lobbying and Bribery

The Difference Between Lobbying and Bribery Abstract The purpose of this paper is to try and identify the difference between lobbying and bribery. The Difference Between Lobbying and Bribery Lobbying is the practice of private advocacy with the goal of influencing a governing body by promoting a point of view that is conducive to an individual's or organization's goals. Bribery is a crime implying a sum or gift given alters the behavior of a person in ways not consistent with...

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Public Affairs and Lobbying

Public affairs and lobbying 1. WHAT IS PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND WHO ENGAGES IN IT? IS IT THE SAME THING AS LOBBYING? Public affairs is a term used to describe an organisation’s relationship with stakeholders, it is a combination of media monitoring and thorough research. Practitioners can work either 'in house' for a company, as an advisor for a political consultancy working with a number of clients, for a trade association or union, a political or issues based organisation (interest or pressure...

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Prisoner’s dilemma and lobbying activities

Prisoner’s dilemma and lobbying activities Consider a standard prisoners’ dilemma between two groups, A and B, with members of these two groups, or their leaders (who can be either elected or self-appointed) considering whether or not to lobby for political advantages. Given the groups and the two choices for each, there are four possible outcomes—neither group lobbies, both groups lobby, group A doesn’t lobby and group B does, and group A lobbies and group B doesn’t. The payoffs for the...

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American Government and Lobbying

What If . . . Every Lobbying Contact Had to be Reported? 1. An advantage of requiring lobbyists to report each contact with a government official is that voters would know which lobbyists tried to influence their elected officials and it might slow down the process of raising money through afternoon cocktail parties. 2. A disadvantage of requiring lobbyists to report each contact with a government official is that it could lead to a feeling of loss of privacy by lobbyists and elected officials...

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Grassroots, Lobbying and Astroturfing Advertising Law

Research Assignment #2 Lobbying is a controversial branch of public relations that is both an important and relevant part of the United States legal system. A lobby is “a group of persons who work or conduct a campaign to influence members of a legislature to vote according to the group’s special interest.” Lobbyists are paid to petition the government for redress of grievances, a right that is protected by the First Amendment. Another more comedic way the profession is defined in the movie...

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Organized Political Lobbying: More Harm than Good

United States, Organized Political Lobbying Does More Harm than Good I would just like to start off with a quote from the US court of Appeals..... "In support of the power of Congress it is argued that lobbying is within the regulatory power of Congress, that influence upon public opinion is indirect lobbying, since public opinion affects legislation; and that therefore attempts to influence public opinion are subject to regulation by the Congress. Lobbying, properly defined, is subject to control...

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Lobbying is a pathway of action, a way for citizens to influence government, that is essential for to be able to use, but is dangerous when lobbyists push for ideas that are from a minority instead of the majority. Lobbyists are those who attempt to persuade or influence the opinion of the actions of government through sharing information, persuasion, and political pressure via telephone, email, letters, and voicing your opinions directly to your representatives (Congressmen, city council members...

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