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  • Cleanth Brooks's Essay Irony as a Principle of Structure

    cultural and critical theory library Open source archive of ebooks‚ texts‚ videos‚ documentary films and podcasts Pages * Home * List of major critical theorists * What is Critical theory ? * What is Frankfurt School ? * Support Critical Theory Library * Contact This Blog This Blog    |   | ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form   Home » texts » History & Class Consciousness: Preface by Georg Lukács (1923) Thursday‚ February 3‚ 2011

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  • Narrative Report

    contribute to and/or maintain structures to enforce h ierarchy. Structuralism is used in literary theory‚ for example‚ "...if you examine the structure of a large number of short stories to discover the underlying principles that govern their composition...principles of narrative progression...or of characterization...you are also engaged in structuralist activity if you describe the structure of a single literary work to discover how its composition demonstrates the underlying principles of a given

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  • Story of an Hour

    The author uses many literary elements in the short story. Some are personification‚ imagery‚ and similes. Personification is stated in the line that follows: "she was young‚ with a fair‚ calm face‚ whose lines bespoke repression‚" This element shows how strongly she is in repression. It makes the reader actually feel how depressing her life with her husband was. She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life. "The delicious breath

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  • Literary Perspectives

    English september 8‚ 2009 Literary Perspectives The following information was excerpted from The Bedford Introduction to Literature‚ 8th edition‚ 2079–2098 Formalist critics are primarily concerned with the language‚ structure‚ and tone of a work‚ otherwise known‚ as it’s “formal elements”. Formalists gravitate towards “intrinsic” matters in a piece of literature‚ in simpler terms‚ diction‚ irony‚ paradox‚ metaphor‚ and symbol. In a similar fashion‚ they emphasize larger elements

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  • Weew

    from other works of literature. (http://m.wisegeek.com/what-are-classic-novel.htm) The Count of Monte Cristo‚ also known as “Le Comte de Monte Cristo”‚ is a Classic novel written by Alexandre Dumas (père) in collaboration with Auguste Maquet. This literary masterpiece was completed in the year 1844 in France with some interesting themes like Love‚ justice‚ vengeance and forgiveness. Adventure‚ Romantic novel‚ moralistic tales are some of the Genre of the story that made it timeless. This

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  • The Origins of Vernacular Language and Its Spread

    Language and Its Spread Keturah Lindsey American Intercontinental University ABSTRACT The term vernacular can be defined as using a language that is native to a country or province‚ rather than a cultured‚ foreign‚ or literary language. The vernacular languages would also be considered as the large family of contemporary “Romance” languages (Matthews‚ 2007). These vernacular languages would one day be known to use as Spanish‚ French‚ Italian‚ Portuguese‚ and etc.

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  • Modifying the Story Summer Solstice Through the Screenplay Tatarin

    works of other researchers who are conducting studies regarding novels and their film counterparts. - As submitted to The National Communication Research Student Conference 2012 CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Literary adaptations have long been a trend in the industry of film. Films based on books and other types of literature could be traced as far as year 1985‚ where the first

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  • Reading Reflection

    Salyer August 20‚ 2013 For this week’s assignment we are asked to analyze one of the literary works from this week’s readings and explain why the literary work captured my interest‚ using terms and concepts from the text as support‚ describe one of the analytical approaches outlined chapter 16‚ using details from the text to support interpretations‚ and evaluate the meaning of the selected literary work‚ using analytical approach described. Therefore‚ it is the purpose of this paper to analyze

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  • Feminism In The Story Of An Hour By Kat

    Gervanna Stephens Instructor – Mrs. Lucinda Peart ENGL331 – Literary Criticism 6 December 2011 Feminism and its function in a critical reading of the short stories The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the poem “Poem in Praise of Menstruation” by Lucille Clifton. The Feminist movement began as an attempt to underscore the despotism of the patriarchal society that is reflected exceedingly in literature and permit women to be established as

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  • The Reading Process

    The Reading Process: A Phenomenological Approach Author(s): Wolfgang Iser Source: New Literary History‚ Vol. 3‚ No. 2‚ On Interpretation: I‚ (Winter‚ 1972)‚ pp. 279-299 Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/468316 Accessed: 18/08/2008 13:48 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR’s Terms and Conditions of Use‚ available at http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/policies/terms.jsp. JSTOR’s Terms and Conditions of Use

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