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Topics: Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Mind Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: January 6, 2014
DOCTORAL THESIS TOPIC; Applied relaxation, hypnotherapy and ultradian rhythms; as central to the applied healing arts, throughout the lifespan. THESIS METHODOLOGY; A literature search and critical analysis, with conclusions suited to later peer review by professional psychologists. THE FOCUS OF THE THESIS is to assist in the understanding the psychobiology of mind-body interactions, and the application of this understanding to develop practices of hypnosis in the healing of endocrine and affect disorders over the human lifespan - but in particular hypnotherapy for the elderly. THE METHODOLOGY for the thesis investigation is through literature search and an analysis of the various writings on the topic, leading to conclusions and recommended appropriate professional practice in the fields of psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. In terms of a therapeutic practice, hypnosis, as it seems to the casual observer, can be utilised so that the mind appears to heal bodily illnesses, or to correct, or perhaps to eliminate bad habits. In the case of the mind healing the body, we could introduce the more scientific term psychobiology; and the general focus could be on investigating whether there might be a “mind-gene connection” whereby our thoughts and emotions can facilitate healing. In the case of the development of, or the correction of bad habits, we could say that we consciously or unconsciously, or automatically bring about some changes in our thinking and associated behaviours; many or all of which often seem to become relatively permanent changes or new more functional habits. The good part of this is that the clinical hypnotherapist can aid us in feeling healthy, comfortable and secure in perceiving a new-found future; as thinking, emotional and behavioural patterns can be changed - in essence incorporating aspects of cognitive behaviour therapy. The patient or client can also be introduced to the mind-body healing concept, so that they may themselves learn to...
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