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  • My Childhood Fear of the Dark

    fearing that I could see something that I had imagined hundreds of times. Even as I tried to reach out to the light switch‚ I would keep my eyes firmly closed until the light was on. It may sound funny‚ but it’s true. On one weekday night‚ when I was 8 years old‚ I stayed out a little late with my friends. On my way back home‚ I talked loudly and sang happily all along the road with the lights on. However‚ as I came to an alley‚ my footsteps stopped. Although my house was just about 30 meters away‚

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  • Poem Analysis:Two sisters of persephone

    it meaning. The literal side would just be that it is about two sisters with different aspects. The mythical side could be referring to the two sides of Persephone to show the connections between "shade and light". In the first stanza‚ it introduces the two sisters‚ different as dark and light. One sister is very happy while the other is awfully depressed. In the second‚ third‚ and last stanza‚ it talks about the aspects of the sister of the shade side. This sister is a logical‚ mathematical‚ and

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  • Determination of Iron in Natural Water by Spectrophotometry.

    the interaction of light or electromagnetic radiation with matter. Spectrophotometry is any technique that uses light to measure chemical concentrations. Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy when reacted with matter‚ can be absorbed‚ reflected or refracted‚ and how EMR reacts with matter depends on the properties of the material‚ based on the frequency‚ wavelength‚ absorbance etc. The electromagnetic spectrum shows representative molecular processes that occur when light in each region is

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  • Gatsby notes

    The Great Gatsby Chapter One Fitzgerald uses this chapter to set the scene of the novel. Makes clear that the events in the novel have already taken place – the characters’ fates are already decided. Most of the main characters are introduced. Nick refers to “Midas and Morgan and Maecenas” – all three renowned for their incredible wealth. Midas is a Greek myth. Fitzgerald hints that MYTH and REALITY will be mixed throughout the novel. Characterisation - Nick Nick is initially portrayed

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  • Input Devices

    draw diagrams with a pencil type implement (the stylus) rather than with a mouse and its very accurate 9. Explain briefly how scanners work A scanner works by shining a beam of light onto the surface of the object that you are scanning. This light is then reflected back onto a sensor that detects the colour of the light. This is then used to build up the digital

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  • Notebook Analysis

    Analysis of The Notebook Movie Clip There are many people involved in making a movie possible. When everything is put together it seems as though it was just one simple camera shot. But looking closer and at a short clip of a movie shows a little light on how much was actually done to make it realistic. The first thing people notice and pay attention to are the actors. But who tells the actors where to stand‚ what to say‚ and what emotions to portray? Who adds that little bit of background music

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  • Electromagnetic Waves

    tubes and welding arcs. The radiation can cause sunburn and skin cancer; it also produces vitamins in the skin and causes certain substances to fluoresce. This fluorescence can reveal markings that are invisible in light. Special photographic films react to UV radiation. 4. Visible Light is a very narrow range of wavelengths that can be seen by the human eye as the colours of the visible spectrum from violet

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  • smith

    metaphors? Which ones? 3. Can you think of any ‘sea’ metaphors of your own? Copyright ©1999 www.teachit.co.uk metaphor.doc The dark is … feeling for the light-bulb a swallowed night scary and unknown an icy blanket of shadow covering the world a blanket of black a place where nightmares live a deep dark hole a place where light can’t show a place where horror draws you in black tights over your head a creeping black monster a sea of shadows seeping into every corner a sleeping

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  • Mise-en-scene: Film and Elements

    MISE-EN-SCENE [DR STRANGELOVE(1963)] Mise-en-scene (pronounced `Meez-ahn-sen ’) Mise-en-scene is a concept that was transposed from the theatre‚ where it meant that the director took into account everything that appeared on the stage; he took into account the effect of everything that appeared in the ’frame ’ of onstage space. These elements had to further the purpose and function of the play. So too in film. Generally there is nothing in a film frame that is not meant to be there‚ that is

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  • Look at Pablo Picasso’s Girl in a Chemise (Illustration Book, Colour Plate 40).

    greys and browns ‚ which I feel has been done to createcreates a cold and dark environment‚ setting a gloomy mood in which the girl is set. There is no obvious source of light in the painting  apart from the slight light shading of the girls’ right breast which adds to the dark setting of the painting. I believe theThe light shading around her breast is used to add a sexually attractive element to the figure. The chemise itself accentuates the girl from the veiled background  and is the

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