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John Mccain

Presidential election of 2008 it is an intense battle for president between republican John McCain and democrat Barack Obama. Republican John McCain supports George W. Bush and shares his views on many of the issues such as the economy plan, the education plan, the foreign policy, and McCain has no plan to end the war in Iraq. Many people argue that Bush is doing a terrible job in office, well than why would you vote for McCain when he is not going to make no real changes in office? Barack Obama has offered...

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Compare/Contrast Mccain and Obama

the government seems to turn their back or just look the other way. Examine the $700 billion bailout plan, who got the money? Nobody knows for certain. McCain and Obama each have different but reasonable ideas to help this wonderful country rely less on foreign aid and utilizing the energy sources that are available right here in America, the McCain ad emphasizes off-shore drilling and new cleaner energy, and the Obama ad focuses on only new cleaner energy without any way of improving the current situation...

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Leadership Skills: John F. Kennedy vs. Barack Obama

John F. Kennedy vs. Barack Obama According to the Oxford dictionary, a leader is a person who commands a group, organization or country. In this case, both John F. Kennedy, thirty fifth president of the United States and Barack Obama, forty fourth and current president, were leaders but had different points of views when it came to leading. Even though they ruled over the same country they differed in their views of equality, freedom and justice. John F. Kennedy served as president from 1961...

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Rough Draft of Paper on Obama

the Computer Press Award wrote the article titled “Health-Care Reform: McCain vs. Obama.” Which relates to Obama’s plan for healthcare and McCain plan though her view is that McCain plan is less likely to help the people who don’t have healthcare. By Catherine Arnest saying, “There is a basic philosophical difference at the heart of the health-care reform proposals of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, and in this case McCain really is the maverick.” Catherine stating this meaning that she feels...

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The Hemingway Hero

country. John McCain and his heroic efforts during the Vietnamese war are a great example of how the Hemingway Hero inspires people in the world today. John McCain gets his inspiration from Ernest Hemingway's 1940 novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, in which he says he wants to be just like the main character: Robert Jordan (Stamburg). John McCain spent five and a half years in captivity in North Vietnam as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy. The Vietnamese offered to set McCain free but...

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Case Studys

Abstract This paper analyzes President-elect Barrack Obama’s video of his 2008 victory speech with in depth discussion of the three parts of The Rhetorical Triangle (speaker, audience, and situation). This speech is contrasted and compared to Senator John McCain’s video concession speech, also using the three elements of The Rhetorical Triangle. Effective Presentations Barack Obama’s victory speech in Chicago following his victory in the US presidential election was a fine example of the brilliance...

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Trends in Popular Culture

(Mashable.com) On December 4, 2006 Governor Sarah Palin made history by becoming to first women to be elected as governor, she became the 11th governor of Alaska. (McCain & Palin, 2008) The 2008 republican candidate for president, John McCain has chosen Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the election this year. (McCain & Palin) Many mixed feeling exist about McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin. Some American’s are happy about the decision; however, many people are unsure about Palin...

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Campaign Analysis

Campaign Analysis Perhaps the biggest name in the Arizona political scene is senator John McCain, who competed against current president Barrack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. McCain has established a solid political base in the “sunshine state” as he has consistently been reelected since he assumed office as senator in 1987. Inseparable to McCain’s success as a politician has been his ability to raise funds from particular donors. The website OpenSecrets.org serves the function of demystifying...

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Agenda Setting and the Presidential Election

a significant role by influencing the American voters which decided the outcome of the election. For the Democratic Party, Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the primary election. John McCain and Sarah Palin won the Republican primary election. Many issues were highlighted by the media in this historic election. John McCain was the senior United States senator from Arizona since 1987 and beat out fellow Republican, Mitt Romney for the presidential nominee. His running mate was the controversial governor...

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Sex, Lies and the

famous E-mail site Yahoo without even have an E-mail oneself. It is a distraction, says the billionaire Carl Icahn. The same story is repeated with the former presidential candidate John McCain did not even have a computer but are still high on the hierarchy. Here it is argued by Democrats that the 72-year-old John McCain should come up on the horse and start taking part in the "real" world, instead of being so old fashioned. “’My five-year-old niece can use the internet’ said one gloating Barack Obama...

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