Compare/Contrast Mccain and Obama

Topics: Natural gas, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: October 29, 2008
The Fight for Building America upon Itself
Compelling America into a downward spiral is a collage of unnecessary actions that take place due to America’s money-hungry monopolies and government. It almost seems as if everyone who has money makes money, and everyone who needs money, needs it more and more. Look at the oil industry and banks just to mention a few. The oil companies can afford to rebuild/remodel every few years and banks are popping up like the middle finger during rush hour traffic. It seems as if the lower middle class cannot afford to make a house payment or pay a bill if they manage to put gas in the car and put food on the table. The dollar is worth less and less every single day due to the compiling debt by America’s wonderful government. Every way the American people turn, the government seems to turn their back or just look the other way. Examine the $700 billion bailout plan, who got the money? Nobody knows for certain. McCain and Obama each have different but reasonable ideas to help this wonderful country rely less on foreign aid and utilizing the energy sources that are available right here in America, the McCain ad emphasizes off-shore drilling and new cleaner energy, and the Obama ad focuses on only new cleaner energy without any way of improving the current situation while research takes place. Take into consideration the fact that America is sitting on over seventy-five trillion square feet

of recoverable natural gas. Now why is America purchasing it from other countries? Also the United States can be drilling for oil in the Outer Continental Shelf instead of dumping money into Venezuela and countries in the Middle East. McCain wants to go after these domestic sources of fuel America relies on while alternate fuels and vehicles are being developed. Obama has no plans of where or how to get fuel for America until...

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