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Information Retrieval

access to information, as profoundly as Google. Google has woven itself into the fabric of daily life by satisfying information requirements of the masses. It was Google that made me realize the requirement and importance of an efficient information retrieval (IR) tool. My undergraduate education and experience in industry has been instrumental in molding my interest in IR and knowledge representation concepts, and I have decided to pursue an MS in the areas of multimedia information processing...

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retrieve information Store and retrieve information      1.1 Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving information (Planned: 0, Completed:0)  A system and procedure that is used in Dass solicitors is called quilllenium, which is a database that is used to store clientele information. Another system would be Archive 2000 which is used to store client file and documents, from addresses to case information. 1.2 Outline legal and organisational requirements for information security...

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Information Storage and Retrieval

Introduction Information retrieval is a science related to documents and information searching. Information retrieval deals with the storage and representation of knowledge and the retrieval of information relevant to a specific user problem (Mandhl, 2007). Information retrieval technology mostly used in universities and public library to help students or information users to access to books, journals and other information resources that they needed. It also applies at organizations which having...

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Argumentative Outline

With the advent of technology comes the increasing use of search engines for different purposes. Web search engines such as Yahoo! and Google are effective tools for internet research and finding web-based articles and information. Furthermore, hard-to-find and old written information may most probably be available over the internet through keying in on the search engine. This new trend can help create better opportunities and challenges in the field of academic research. b. Purpose: This paper seeks...

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Information Retrieval

search engines have become the most important way to information retrieval through the World Wide Web. Information has expanded greatly may consist of text, file, web page, image and other type. Images one important species in information retrieval, many users care about image retrieval from search engines where web image retrieval is a challenging task that requires efforts from image processing, link structure analysis, and web text retrieval. This paper focuses current technologies in web image...

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Computerized Enrollment System

this improvement the researchers wants to grab this opportunity. In this present world, technology is growing faster specially computer technology, using this kind of technology, information can be view very fast as well as to make reports out of this records through printing. In a school, computerized schedule retrieval is a great help to students, faculty and staff in terms of retrieving schedules of a student, subjects, instructors, rooms, and specific section and use it for a specific purposes...

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Boyer-Moore String matching algorithm works by comparing from right to left. It is fast because it skips some of the characters. It is efficient because with each failed attempt to match between the search string and the pattern, it uses the gathered information from that attempt to rule out as many positions where the pattern does not match. [REF_002] It becomes faster if the set of alphabet is larger and the pattern is longer [WWW_004]. Considering all of its features and performance, the researchers...

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The Significance Of The Cranfield Test On Index Language By Mitsie W Cleverdon Analysis

Cyril W. Cleverdon’s 1991 article, “The Significance of the Cranfield Tests on Index Languages,” outlines the series of experimental tests into information retrieval the author took part in through the 1950s and 1960s while working as a librarian at the Cranfield College of Aeronautics in England. In the post-war midst of lifted security restrictions on many scientific and technical reports, the need for an accurate and efficient method of indexing was acute, and many new techniques were idealized...

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Alias Name

Abstract An individual is typically referred by numerous name aliases on the web. Accurate identification of aliases of a given person name is useful in various web related tasks such as information retrieval, sentiment analysis, personal name disambiguation, and relation extraction. We propose a method to extract aliases of a given personal name from the web. Given a personal name, the proposed method first extracts a set of candidate aliases. Second, we rank the extracted candidates...

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Comparison of Search Engines

towards attaining information ranging from research purposes, like stock quotes, to daily use such as the weather in your hometown. The ability to find information on these engines all depend on experience, knowledge of certain search techniques, and remembering the strengths and advantages of each engine for particular information. For my assignment, I have chosen to compare and contrast three popular search engines, Altavista, Yahoo, and Excite. Through the search of information on tourism in...

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