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Hotmail recently introduced an automated password retrieval system. This is the quickest and most secure means of retrieving your password, should you forget it. To use this system in the future, you need to change your password and enter a Hint Question and a Hint Answer. After you do this, if you forget your password, click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the sign-in page. You will be prompted for the answer to your question. Answer it correctly and you will be prompted to change your password, and you can then use your new password regain access to your account.


1. Go to the MSN Hotmail Sign-In Page at 2. Click "Forgot Your Password?"
3. In the "Sign-In Name" field, type your Sign-In Name. Your Sign-In Name does NOT include ""
4. Select your Country and enter your Zip Code
5. Click "Continue"
You are taken to the (step 2 of 2) of the Reset Your Password page. The Secret Question that you created when you created your account or changed your password is displayed.

6. In the "Secret Answer" field, type the answer to your Secret Question. 7. Type your new password in the "Choose a New Password" field 8. Re-enter your new password in the "Re-enter New Password" field. 9. Click "Continue"

If you answered the question incorrectly, you are asked to send a blank e-mail message to
If you answered the question correctly, you are asked to create a new password. Type a new password, re-confirm it, and click "OK." 10. CLOSE THE PASSWORD WINDOW.
For security reasons, you should now clear your browser's cache. For more information about clearing your browser's cache, send a blank e-mail message to
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