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Web Search Engine

information on the World Wide Web". Because the web is relatively new in terms of reaching a large percentage of a country's population, users' experience, understanding and expertise varies widely. Technically-minded people will arguably have been familiar with the World Wide Web for longer, and therefore be able to find specific information more efficiently, if not more quickly than less experienced users. Defining ‘easy' in terms of using the World Wide Web is interesting. In terms of searching...

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Web Search Engines

Web Search Engines Typically, Web search engines work by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents as possible. Another program, called an indexer, then reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document. Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices such that, ideally, only meaningful results are returned for each query. Sites that let you search multiple indexes simultaneously include: • Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com) • search...

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Google Search Engine Case Study

1. How does a search engine work? How does it make money? What is the exportability of a search engine’s technology and business model? A search engine works mainly using three main tools or methods which combine to form the basis of the search engine and enable it to provide accurate results for the query provided. The first process involved in the working of a search engine is “Crawling”. Web crawlers are used by the engines to explore publicly available web pages. These web crawlers browse the...

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Evaluation on Search Engines

sections that I am going to cover are – the search engines used, search techniques used and search criteria, sources of information used, comparison of the internet and non- internet sources and the quality of the information found. Internet Source Most frequently used search engine for this unit was Google as it is quite obvious but I also tried to use other search engines which I am not that familiar to such as Bing, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile, Answers, MSN Search, Yahoo and AOL. While using Bing I found...

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Google Search

competition in the search engine industry.   Which of the five competitive forces seems strongest? Weakest? What is your assessment of overall industry attractiveness? Google constantly has to maneuver to improve their services, and stay ahead of other competitors.   Google also faces low switching cost which increases rivalry among competitors: o Name recognition, image o Services provided o Relationship with Internet users, web sites,   & advertisers o Relevancy of a search results the...

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Deep Web

“People should be educated to understand more about Deep Web” Noppawat Toemsetthacharoen (Puy) ID: 213210127 Subject: ENG102 (2) Name: Noppawat Toemsetthacharoen (Puy) Professor: Davis Subject: ENG102 (2) “People should be educated to understand more about Deep Web” Nowadays, Internet has become the main resource for everyone to find any kinds of information that they want. At this age, we actually spend most of our time to travel on the Internet. We can do many things online...

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Deep Web

Deep Web By Bill Morton Did you know that when you Google “Red Wolves,” Google will only search pages that it has indexed, which is only about four percent of the total World Wide Web (Why Businesses Needs to Understand the Deep Web, 2013). The other ninety-six percent is known as the Deep Web, or Invisible Web. This unknown realm is known for housing terroristic communication, gun and drug trading, assignation bids, and even child pornography. But the Deep Web also holds...

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The Semantic Web

Security Final Project Paper University of Toronto SCS 2115 Professor: Dr. Ken K. Wong By: Kevin Fernando 13/06/2010 The semantic web is a vision created and promoted by Tim-Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web Consortium. In his article the Semantic Web in Scientific American (2001) Berners-Lee explains that The Semantic Web is not a separate Web but an extension of the current one, in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation...

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The Dark Side of the Internet: Deep Web

Deep Web ------------------------------------------------------------------- A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Discipline of Computer Science University of the Philippines Baguio In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of CMSC 199 Undergraduate Seminar by Reginald S. Casela Eloise Dorothy V. Gamit Faculty Adviser Cmsc 199: Undergraduate seminar December 16, 2013 Date Submitted Table of Contents Introduction …………………………….…………………………..…………………….. 1 Topic 1: Search Engines and...

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Cliptomania Web Store

 It is the American Dream: own your own business, and make loads of money. Well, that’s the dream part, then reality sets in: business licenses, put-up money, taxes, etc. In the case study of the Cliptomania Web Store, in 1999, John and Candy Santo discovered a marketing niche that they could tap into; selling clip-on earrings, over the internet, throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins, 2012). This type of marketing...

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