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Individual Rights

made certain decisions. I now believe taking a methodical approach to ethical decisions permits an individual to cautiously think about the many possible outcomes of decisions made and actions taken. From job-related experiences, when I am placed into situations with individuals who have different ethics from me, I cautiously take steps to determine ethical dilemmas choices without violating the rights or opinions of all involved. In addition, the experiences working with teams at work, have taught...

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ISCOM 472 Week 1 Individual Elements of Lean Paper

This work of ISCOM 472 Week 1 Individual Elements of Lean Paper comprises: Home Depot Business - General Business Individual Elements of Lean Paper Resources: Electronic Reserve Readings, University Library, the Internet, or other resources Research the elements and core disciplines of lean manufacturing and services as it relates to your organization, or one with which you are familiar. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you address the following...

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deputy manager

able to manage the risks presented when balancing individual rights and professional duty of care Assessment criteria The learner can: 4.1 Describe ethical dilemmas that may arise in own area of responsibility when balancing individual rights and duty of care 4.2 Explain the principle of informed choice 4.3 Explain how issues of individual capacity may affect informed choice 4.4 Propose a strategy to manage risks when balancing individual rights and duty of care in own area of responsibility ...

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Individual Rights

Individual Rights To be respected: When I am at my placement which is a day care centre for the elderly, I treat patients with respect; I do this by talking politely to the patients, knocking on the door before I entered patient’s room and asking them how they wish to be named (e.g. Mr, Mrs) To be treated as an individual: While I was at placement I treat everyone as an individual, I did this by talking to the patients and finding out about their interests and watching how they act. I did not...

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Ethical Issue in Counselling

in terms of many professions in an array of settings such as in clinical psychology, education, and even business. However, misuse of psychological test by the administrators is a constant and troubling issue that has the potential to harm the individuals involved and even society as a whole. For test takers, the misuse of a psychological test could result in improper diagnoses or inappropriate decision making. The misuse of tests reflects very poorly on the professional organizations along with...

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NVQ level 3 healthe and social care

CT 236 Every individual should be supported and enabled to live in an environment which is free from prejudice and safe from abuse. My responsibilities under the duty of care are to do everything reasonable within the definition of my job as a support worker to make this happen. “Duty of Care” means providing care and support for individuals within the law and also within the policies, procedures and agreed ways of working of . It is about avoiding abuse and injury to individuals, their friends...

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Task B Reflective Account

conflict or dilemma between exercising a duty of care and the rights of an individual Conflict and dilemmas may arise between the duty of care and individuals rights could be staff having a difference of opinion over an service user for example a staff member believing that they have seen signs of abuse and then another staff member denying this assumptions, this then can lead to conflict betweens the staff members and the individuals family/ carers if the members of staff involved any other agencies...

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Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Unit3: Shc 23

and inclusion Diversity: differences between individuals and groups eg culture, nationality, ability, ethnic origin, gender, age, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, social class. Equality: individual rights; giving choices; respect; services in response to individual need Inclusion: placing individuals at the centre of planning and support; valuing diversity Discrimination: direct discrimination; indirect discrimination; treating some individuals less favourably than others; effects of discrimination...

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How to Plan a Health Education Campaign

drink on an average night out and what and how much food could be consumed instead of the alcohol. Theory of reasoned action Theory of reasoned action looks at the links between beliefs, attitudes, norms, intentions and the behaviour of the individual. This theory tries to show that someone’s behaviour will change if they know that it’s good for them. We will use this for a campaign because we’ll have an app that shows how many calories are in each drinks and what drinks you consume on an average...

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Management and Leadership Paper

Paper. Management and Leadership Paper MGT/230 - MANAGEMENT THEORY AND PRACTICE Eddy Khoury Professor TERRELL KENNARD March 10, 2014 The difference between management and leadership is that management focuses on placing the right employee in the right position where he can do best and perform in a professional way in order to succeed in his job. Managers will be monitoring the progress of employee’s performance. While the role of leaders and leadership in general is to motivate the people...

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The Origin of Individualism

privileging human understanding and the capacity of the individual, these new ideas recorded the way people thought about government, society and rights. Thus the Declaration of Independence is taken as the embodiment of the eighteenth-century regard for the interests of the individual. Taking as unquestionably “Self-evident” the idea that “all men are created equal”[12] P503, the Declaration of Independence made the rights and potential of the individual the cornerstone of American values. The fact that...

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Unit 203 Principles of diversity equality and inclusion in adult social care settings

equality and inclusion in adult social care settings. Outcome 1: Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion. 1.1 Define what is meant by: Diversity:- Is that right of each individual to be different and to have differences from others. Equality:- the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunities. Inclusion:- the action or state of including or being included within a group or structure. Discrimination:- the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories...

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Effectiveness of Goldman’s the Refutation of Medical Paternalism

patients’ immediate will in order to carry treatment in the patients’ best interest. Goldman frames his entire argument around the single assumption that a person’s freedom to decide his future is the most important and fundamental right as he claims “the autonomous individual is the source of those other goods he enjoys, and so is not to be sacrificed for the sake of them.”[1] He claims that the majority of people would agree that they are the best judges of their own self-interest and that there is...

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Discrimination and Social Care

Course Title BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in HSC Unit TitleEquality, Diversity Rights in HSC Level3Unit Number2Unit Credit10Assignment Title Equality, Diversity RightsPart UnitWhole UnitYes AssessorStart DateSubmission DateFeedback Date Vocational ContextTask 1 (P1,P2,P3,M1) A local hospital has sent out a poster to local schools and colleges giving details of a competition to produce a presentation/leaflet on The concepts, description and effects of discrimination within health and social care The...

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human service history

Identifying the rights of the individual as well as the best services for them has been an ongoing task since the early 1900’s. Several organizations have been started to assist in the care of individual populations such as the poor, children, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled. The ultimate goal of these organizations is to create a manageable and fully functional society. President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the Social Security Act of 1935 to assure the well-being of the unemployed...

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Anthem Book Review

chosen by the choices he made through curiosity. Equality 7-2521 is caught in a world of collectivism where is he is subjected to a group and forbidden to become an individual. In this world there is no individualism, no individual rights, and only collective responsibility. Despite such a restrictive environment, the spark of individual thought and freedom still burns in Equality 7-2521, a passion which he has been taught to call sinful. In a purely unbiased world, Equality 7-2521 dares to stand apart...

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a duty of care in you work role but also how to effectively implement the duty of care into everything that you do. Duty of care means providing care and support for individuals within the law and also within the policies, procedures and agreed ways of working of your employer. It is about avoiding abuse and injury to individuals, their friends, family and property As a nursery practitioner I am accountable for the way in which I exercise authority; manage risks; use resources and protect pupils...

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Natural and Positive Law

NATURAL AND POSITIVE LAW When it comes down to the law, you either have a Naturalist view, a Positivists view, or both. When coming down to what is the right decision as an individual or as a society, there will always be different solutions and opinions as to what is the common sense decision. As an individual going through cases such as Oka, Latimer, Kevorkian, and Freedom Riders, there is a line that one should not cross but also a line that should be questioned. Every case initiates different...

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Service Quality Questionnaire

your right to services are negotiated. 2. The service, physical facilities, equipment, staff, and communication materials are accessible to you. 3. Information, advice and support on potential funding sources are made available to you. 4. Staff provide prompt and timely service to you. 5. Your complaints are constructively handled. 6. The University is willing to defend and fight for your individual rights. 7. A flexible service is provided to meet your individual needs...

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Negotation Analysis Paper

Negotiation Negotiations can be a complex process that can impact the lives of many individuals and effect even more people if conducted on a global level. Many companies and governments negotiate with one another in order to develop agreements that are mutually beneficial to each other. Saee, J. (2008). Individual with different needs meet and participate in a negotiation in order to come to an agreement. Individuals from different cultural backgrounds may participate in a negotiation and may have...

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Diversity: Discrimination and Service Users

an interpreter. Value the contribution - that each individual can make. Create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, their talents are fully utilised and services meet the requirements of diverse service users. Embrace difference as a way of attracting and retaining staff and improving customer satisfaction. Provide relevant and appropriate access for the participation, development and advancement of all individuals and groups. Remove physical barriers - overcome physical...

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knowledge—Purpose, as his choice of the happiness which that tool must proceed to achieve—Self-esteem, as his inviolate certainty that his mind is competent to think and his person is worthy of happiness, which means: is worthy of living (Rand, For the New Individual, 128). This quote by author Ayn Rand, founder of objectivism, begins the conversation for the exhibit, The Pursuit of Happiness. Objectivism, named from the concept that human knowledge and values are objective, is centered around the idea...

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ADA Sports Management

My paper will assess the privileges of the disabled individual who might want to take an interest in recreational sport under their rights given by the ADA. My paper will likewise talk about past models and court evaluations that made a point of reference for their rights. In 1990 the ADA was approved, but since then there have been many court decisions and complaints. Most of the decisions have supported the right of the disabled individual to enjoy recreational sport with able-bodied athletes...

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Stereotypes Consist Basically

Stereotypes | “Unreliable, exaggerated generalizations about all members of a group that don not take individual differences into account.” (Schaefer, 2012, p. 40) | Prejudice | “A negative attitude toward an entire category of people, such as a racial or ethnic minority.” (Schaefer, 2012, p.35) | ...

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“Mariana” and “Porphyria’s Lover”

relationship between solitude and individuality, in particular focusing upon individual rights. By developing the use of personification, the poets suggest that individuals lose their objectivity when confronted with prolonged solitude. However, the dramatically different tones and resolutions of the works imply that solitude and individual rights are not inherently good or evil, but rather reflect the moral character of the individual. Tennyson’s use of personification in the first stanza...

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Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

service user at risk of individuals knowing where they live and that they may not be able to look after themselves. It is my duty of care that any service user is never put at risk due to myself or any of my employees. Also if any information regarding an employee was leaked i.e. a telephone number, the employee may receive telephone calls of individuals they do not wish to ring them. This is breaking my employees’ confidentiality and may put them at risk from other individuals. To do this I can attend...

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Unit 2

service users feel valued as their choices were being considered and listened to. The same skill was also used when the cooks were asking the service users what meals they wanted off the menu’s, again making each individual service user feel valued and supported by being given the right to their own choices rather than making them feel restricted as to what they could have. This then ensured that the environment of the care home was more homely allowing the service users to feel comfortable and at...

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The Fountainhead

collectivism to demonstrate the shaping of society and what gives it its balance. Howard Roark and Lois Cook may both be individuals although in opposite ways. Individualism is derived from the natural tendencies and desires that one is born with. However, society is made of collectivists which makes individualism out of the ordinary. Society is shaped by the ideas of an individual and then supported by the collectivists. Lois Cook relies on society so that she can maintain herself as an individualist...

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Workplace Discrimination

Preventing Workplace Discrimination In the melting pot of various cultures, religions, races, and nationalities that workplaces have become, tension between people is something to be expected. Unfortunately, in some cases, the tension between individuals can end up taking the form of some sort of discrimination. Discrimination is illegal, and there are many laws that cover discrimination. In a simulation called “Preventing Workplace Discrimination”, I am posing as a Human Resource Manager in the...

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view the world. With an objectivist view on existence, everything happens for a reason. Through human’s perception, knowledge gives them contact with truth. Objectivism provides people with happiness through their own achievement therefore; individual rights are very well respected. Ayn Rand believed that someday all humans will survive under her objectivist view. Within her fictional story, “The Fountainhead” and Tobias Wolff’s “Old School” aspects of her ideas are given. Although a believable center...

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Support Individuals

HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home |Title |HSC 3022 Support individuals to live at home | |Level |3 | |Credit value |4 | |Learning outcomes ...

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Individual Responsibility

So this is the deal: society today frowns on giving the individual responsibility. We are governed by a set of rules that limits the ability of any individual to make a choice, because we believe that the individual will make the wrong choice, for either himself, others, or both. For example, take traffic rules. Rules such as stopping at stop signs and not running red lights should be entirely optional. A cop should not have jurisdiction or the responsibility to enforce such rules; they should merely...

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FORM 1: Assignment brief – BTEC (NQF) Assignment title Individual Rights in Health and Social Care Assessor Tracey Simpson Date issued 16/09/14 Hand in deadline Duration (approx) 6 hours Qualification covered BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care Units covered Unit 8: Individual Rights in Health and Social Care Learning aims covered Learning Aim A: Investigate the rights of individuals using health and social care services Learning Aim B: Examine the responsibilities...

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Person and Individuals

Unit 4222-232 Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care (HSC 202 Outcome 1 Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to moving and positioning individuals The learner can: 1. Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals Muscles work like levers and allow the bones at a joint to work like hinges. Muscles pull and move the bones at particular joints, this makes the joint move...

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Individual Rights and Public Order

� �PAGE �5� Comparison Running Head: INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND PUBLIC ORDER Individual Rights and Public Order Benjamin Cesulka University Of Texas Individual Rights and Public Order Individual rights are those rights we have that allow us to exercise our freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights, originally drafted in 1789 by James Madison, came into effect in 1791 (Wikipedia 2007). The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not construe to deny or disparage...

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Euthanasia: Right or Wrong?

reform effort. Issue: EUTHENASIA ("Right to Die") Pro-Euthanasia This can be a very touchy subject matter to different individuals. I honestly don’t even know if I would consider myself pro or con to the subject matter. Depending on the circumstances I would bend in a different direction. For example, I would be Pro-Euthanasia for an elderly individual that was completely bed ridden and fully relied on staff or family to live day by day. This individual would have experienced an entire lifetime...

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Individual and Community

I tend to see past the mask that the media puts out there. An individualist doesn’t necessarily seek separation, but rather seek selfness and singularity. I would also say that I’m kind of pluralist as well in the sense that I’m open to another individuals comprehension of their and others religion. I am accepting, and do not pass judgment. If I were to choose from the three perspectives that we’ve been discussing in class, I would most likely identify myself as an individualist. Individualists...

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316 Support Individuals To Access And U

316 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities 1.1 Describe how accessing a range of services and facilities can be beneficial to an individual’s well being It is beneficial for an individual’s overall (physical, mental, social) well-being to have access to a range of services and facilities. For example supporting an individual to use the bus helps them to feel part of the society, doing something that others do. They can also meet others which helps them to socialize. 1...

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Individual Rights vs. Social Responsibilities

Individual rights vs. Social responsibilities The most heinous of crimes are those committed against children. Society views these crimes as unacceptable and accepts the responsibility of ensuring the protection and safety of children from sexual predators. On the other hand even the most heinous criminals have rights. Jessica’s law ensures the social responsibility while civil rights of those convicted of crimes against children are ensured by civil rights organizations. Many of these organizations...

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Rights and Choices in dementia care

Rights and Choices in dementia care Explain the impact of key legislation that relates to fulfilment of rights and choices and the minimising of risk of harm for an INDIVIDUAL with dementia Key Legislations was brought in to protect the rights and choices of residents with or without dementia, while ensuring the risk of harm is minimised these legislations are: Human Rights act 1998 Mental capacity act 2005- Adults with incapacity act 2000 and 2007 Mental health act 2007 Disability discrimination...

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Power of the Individual Die Welle Pleasantville

Webster's Dictionary the definition of An individual is a single human considered apart from a society or community and community is a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests, and perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. The films Pleasantville and Die Welle show the power struggle and repercussions that face community as a whole. In both films, individuals catalyst a change throughout the community...

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Work Is a Source of Satisfaction and Joy for Individuals

argue that work can certainly be a source of satisfaction and joy for individuals. Throughout Section One of the essay, I will be referring to Rosen (1988), Ackoryd and Crowdy (1990) and Knights et al (1982), by introducing some of the possible reasons why individual work. Additionally in Section Two of the essay, I will explore the positive aspects relating to work and how these aspects can play a part in relations to the individuals emotionally, physically and mentally, by drawing upon Jackall (1988)...

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understand and meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia

within rules and regulations -Giving each individual their own privacy/dignity. -Making the individuals have their own independence, try to get them to do things themselves if they are capable of doing it. -Team work, working part as a team or within a team. -following the guidelines. 2. Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals. Having a duty of care should guarantee the safeguarding of each individual in my care. Risk assessments; carrying out...

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Civil Liberrties and Civil Rights

Civil liberties and Civil rights As the United States began to establish itself as a country, more and more problems began to surface within the nation. A perfect example of this would be the American Civil War, which significantly affected society. This brought about many changes within America such as women’s rights movements and decisions regarding African American freedom. Citizens of America live in a society governed by...

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Corruption of the Individual-"Enemy of the People"

Corruption of the Individual Individuality is one of the most important traits a person can possess. It enables people to have their own opinions and believe in themselves and their core tenets no matter what other people say, which then allows them to stand apart from others and create an efficient society. However, when under the watchful eyes of their peers and the majority, people feel pressured to conform to everyone else’s beliefs, and, in doing so, lose their individuality. This process...

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Individual and Neutral Versus Emotional

There are five orientations covering the ways in which human beings deal with each other: 1. Universalism versus Particularism Do we consider rules or relationships more important? 2. Communitarianism versus Individualism Do we act mostly as individuals or as groups? 3. Neutral versus Emotional Are we free to express our emotions or are we restrained? 4. Specific versus Diffuse How extensively are we involved with the lives of other people? 5. Achievement versus Ascription Do we achieve...

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My Personal Preferred Lens Is: Rights- Responsibility and Results Lens

GameMaster@EthicsGame.com Rights Lens Relationship Lens Results Lens Reputation Lens Your personal preferred lens is: Rights - Responsibility and Results Lens You balance your reasoning skills (rationality) and your intuition (sensibility) to determine how to fulfill your duties while achieving the greatest good for each individual (autonomy). Your Core Values: Autonomy...

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The Extent To Which The Individual Is Free To Choose Their Own Social Identities Has Been

‘The extent to which the individual is free to choose their own social identities has been underestimated in the main theories of socialisation.’ Explain and assess this view. By: Amy Rashid In this answer, I shall assess the view on how far the freedom of an individual to choose their own social identity has been underestimated in the main theories of socialisation. First and foremost, from a Functionalist’s point of view, the society lives with value consensus, which is an agreement about values...

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Rights and Responsibilities of Service Users

The individual rights and responsibilities of service users using the different services. I am writing an explanation of the generic rights and responsibilities of service users and service providers. Service users rights- hospital they have the right to be respected this means that they have the right to be treated the same as every one else and how they want to be treated. For example they might not want to be treated by a certain gender of doctor so they will have to respect that and...

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Individual Rights vs Public Order

Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Rights vs. Public Order. There are advantages and disadvantages to just about everything you can think of in this world. Two topics that can be very controversial to have an advantages and disadvantages discussion on are our individual rights and public order. We hold our individual rights very close to us and pride ourselves on the freedoms that these rights provide. We also see the devastation that can occur when the rights and freedoms we are given...

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Mcfall V. Shimp: Right to Bodily Security

Case Paper McFall v. Shimp McFall v. Shimp: Right to Bodily Security In 1978 a case was brought to civil court to challenge a well-established American idea of a person’s absolute right to bodily security. The Plaintiff, McFall, suffered from a rare bone marrow disease and was in need of a bone marrow transplant. The Defendant, Shimp, was a suitable potential donor who refused to undergo the procedure needed to harvest the bone marrow. When Shimp refused, McFall sought an...

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232 Move And Position Individuals In Accordance With Their Plan Of Care

 Andrew George 232: Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care 1:1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals. We need to know the normal range of movement of the muscles and joints so when moving, handling and positioning a person we know the limits of each limb. We need to take into consideration other factors that may inhibit a person’s movements as: • Old Fractures • Torn Muscles...

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Individual Rights vs. Public Order

Individual Rights vs. Public Order Introduction To understand individual rights and public order there must be an understanding on what the advantages and disadvantages are. Many individuals don’t understand the power these two topics hold. They are also at times misinterpreted; some don’t now what their rights are and some think they know. On occasion some may try to abuse them when public order is in forced for example when making an arrest an officer reads you your rights, some individuals...

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Patient Bill of Rights

 Patient Bill of Rights Bradley Parker Kaplan University In order to have a patient’s bill of rights it must be clear as to what it is. The bill of rights given to a patient is something that they are promised or something that is set by law. Many hospitals have adopted their own personnel bill of rights for the patient. These rights help the patient fill more comfortable and give a guarantee of what they can expect at the facility where they are receiving care. There are five...

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Unit 4222-317 Provide support for individuals within a shared lives arrangement

Rhian Jones Unit 4222-317 Provide support for individuals within a shared lives arrangement Outcome 1. Understand how to establish the needs, background, experiences, wishes, preferences and choices of an individual 1. Explain the importance of getting to know the individual It is important to get to know the individual to ensure the individuals needs are met and to put together a person centred plan. It is important to involve the individual when writing care plans and development plans to...

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Duties and Rights of a Partnership

Partnership firm is formed by more than one individual for the purpose of carrying on a business. The partners have some rights and the following are the rights of the partners: 1. Every partner has a right to take part in the management of the business; 2. Every partner has a right to be consulted about the affairs of the partnership business; 3. Every partner has right to inspect the books of accounts and have a copy of the same; 4. Every partner has a right to share the profits (or losses) with...

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Assignment 50 Enable Rights And Choices Of Individuals With Dementia Whilst Minimising Risks

(Adults) for England (QCF) Assignment 50: Unit 50: Enable rights and choices of individuals with dementia whilst minimising risks Learning Outcome 1: Understand key legislation and agreed ways of working that support the fulfilment of rights and choices of individuals with dementia while minimising risk of harm 1.1 What is the impact of the Mental Health Act, and the Mental Incapacity Act (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) on individuals who are living with the experience of dementia; with regards...

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care” refers to the obligations and responsibilities. It is a key concept in working with other human beings. It is a legal term for safeguarding yourself and people that you care for. First and foremost it means to provide care and support to individuals within the law and also within the policies and procedures provided by your employer and to follow agreed ways to work with certain service users. Substantially you must do everything that you can to keep the people who you care for safe from harm...

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Principles of Hsc

OF SUPPORT Principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice. Values – Beliefs about what is important to you as an individual, and what you believe about what is morally right and wrong. Values are usually learned from your parents/carers and tend to change throughout your life. Principles – Based on values, principles are basic guidelines about the right way to behave, i.e. your own personal code of conduct. For example...

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The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect

to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect In order for a vulnerable individual to feel confident and feel as his/her needs are met, a supportive relationship is essential. A supportive relationship is a relation based on empathy and encouragement and based on the individuals supporting each other in different ways, in order to maintain happy and healthy, physically and mentally. Without a supportive relationship, individuals might not feel confident or they might feel withdrawn and neglected by...

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