Individual Rights

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Individual Rights
To be respected:
When I am at my placement which is a day care centre for the elderly, I treat patients with respect; I do this by talking politely to the patients, knocking on the door before I entered patient’s room and asking them how they wish to be named (e.g. Mr, Mrs) To be treated as an individual:

While I was at placement I treat everyone as an individual, I did this by talking to the patients and finding out about their interests and watching how they act. I did not treat all the patients the same. Just because 2 were diabetic I didn’t stop all patients having sweets. To be treated in a dignified way:

I tried to maintain the patient’s dignity by taking them aside if they wanted to tell me something or closing the door behind them if they were going to the toilet. When the patients said or did something laughable, I didn’t laugh at them. To be treated equally and not to be discriminated against:

Everyone at placement is different based on their religion, race, sexuality, disabilities or age. But I didn’t not discriminate them against this or treat them unfairly. To be allowed privacy:
If the patients wanted privacy when I was with them during my time on placement I would have closed the door which would have blocked other people out from seeing into the room or would have gone outside the room with the patient where they could have privacy to do what they wanted. To be cared for in a way that meets out needs and takes account of preferences and choice: I take it into account what patients say to me and about their choices. If they wish to do a certain activity, I would have gone out of my way to do as they wanted. To be able to communicate using a preferred method:

At placement I communicate in which method the patient wanted, if a patient wants to write on a piece of paper and have a conversation this way that is what we would have done. To be allowed access to information about themselves:

When at placement patient...
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