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  • Ideology

    gyNew ideologies for old? Ideology may have been an inseparable feature of politics since the late eighteenth century ( it is often traced back to the 1789 French Revolution)‚ but its content has changed significantly over time‚ with the rate of ideological transformation having accelerated since the 1960s.New ideologies have emerged‚ some once-potent ideologies have faded in significance‚ and all ideologies have gone through a process of sometimes radical redefinition and renewal.Political ideology

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  • Discourse and Ideology

    The word discourse originates from the french word “discours” which refers to speech and dialogue. This‚ linked with “discursus” in Latin which means to “run around”‚ means we can take literally that discourse means “to run around speech” or in other words‚ to assess speech in all aspects. There are many varying meanings of the word “discourse” written by theorists and literary writers. These meanings all overlap in areas and provide several alternative meanings of the broad term. Despite being

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  • Ideology-Tangled

    Jeffrey Nealon and Susan S. Giroux‚ the writers of the Theory Toolbox‚ state that ideology is a “false consciousness”; an inability to see real conditions because they are masked by false ideas. Governments typically use ideology to control the public and make them think they need their government to survive. However‚ in the 2010 Disney story‚ Tangled‚ this “false consciousness” takes place by only one person for only one person. The movie starts out with a drop of sun falling from the sky and

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  • Ideology & Discourse

    Ideology‚ what is that? There are hundred answers and none of them is right or wrong. Most of ideology definitions are not compatible with each other‚ but I have found one that I like the most: An ideology is a set of ideas that constitute one ’s goals‚ expectations‚ and actions. An ideology is a comprehensive vision‚ a way of looking at things as in several philosophical tendencies‚ or a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of a society to all members of this society. Ideologies are systems

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  • Dromi's Ideology

    through total annihilation is hinged upon three main premises. The first factor in Dromi’s reasoning is that despite similarities between ISIS and piracy in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s there is a stark and critically important difference in their ideologies. Pirates kill for treasure while ISIS kills for God. In Dromi’s view they kill for different reasons so we must find different‚ and in ISIS’ case‚ more radical solutions that take this into account. In short‚ while it may appear that ISIS is similar

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  • Sociology- Ideology Project

    * IDEOLOGY * DEFINE IDEOLOGY? According to a reputable dictionary ideology is best described as‚ the body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspiration of an individual‚ group class/ culture. It is beliefs that form the basis of a political‚ economic system. * ADVANTAGES OF IDEOLOGY * Allows or portrays different views of those in a society * It shows individuals wants or needs in a society * Also in terms of an economy‚ it presents the rules or beliefs of a government/

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  • Ideology, Partisanship and Pragmatism

    IDEALOGY‚ PARTISANSHIP AND PRAGMATISM Political ideology is a set of certain values and beliefs about the public policy of the government that vary from person to person‚ race to race and so on. Traditionally there are two groups based on 2 different ideologies which are liberalism and conservatism‚ there are different factors that influence everyone to be either of the ideologies. America’s civic values are those with which it began under the founding fathers‚ summed up they are individual freedoms

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  • Ideological Ideology Analysis

    survey of power‚ in that ideology and political thought represent essentially the same concept and Pfeffer (1992) and McClelland (1975) state some scholars generally refer to power as that power primarily used in political contexts. An ideology consists of a person’s moral beliefs regarding social order. This includes values: biases‚ prejudices‚ and stereotypes‚ as well as beliefs based on an individual or group’s experiences‚ regarding how people should do what they do. Ideology does not include what

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  • Althusser, Ideology and Interpellation

    Althusser‚ Ideology and Interpellation The French philosopher‚ Louis Althusser‚ first popularized the word in his seminal essay “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (Notes towards an Investigation)” (Althusser‚ 1972). In the essay‚ Althusser explores the relationship between the state‚ modes of (re)producing power and ideology from a Marxist perspective‚ defining ideology as “the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of existence” (Althusser 1972: 162). In his definition

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  • Models of Political Ideology

    Political ideology in American Society can get a little confusing. This is due partially to the fact that the most commonly used model to explain political ideology is too simple. The linear model‚ as it is sometimes called‚ puts the ideological spectrum on a straight line. This model often leaves researcher ’s wondering about ideologies because it ties groups together that may have absolutely different ideas. Also‚ the linear model does not perfectly predict each point. A better way to explain the

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