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Topics: Economic system, Ideology, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 6 (1853 words) Published: September 11, 2013
According to a reputable dictionary ideology is best described as, the body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspiration of an individual, group class/ culture. It is beliefs that form the basis of a political, economic system. * ADVANTAGES OF IDEOLOGY

* Allows or portrays different views of those in a society * It shows individuals wants or needs in a society
* Also in terms of an economy, it presents the rules or beliefs of a government/ nation in order to help citizens of the country financially. They would be a sense of order. * DISADVANTAGES OF IDEOLOGY

* It restricts the ability to express classes, and there history, difference in it. Leading to misunderstanding and also conflict. * It may have class biasness at time , in terms of politics and different parties * Increase in criminal activity between different social classes, lower class being dependent or stealing from upper class money/ trade. * STEALING

The term globalization is increasingly used to describe the ongoing integration of the world within a capitalist political economy. Advocates of globalization point to the emergence of the “middle-class” in developing countries, economic growth within peripheral economies, the continued expansion of global stock markets, democratization and the emergence of a “global culture” as indicators of the benefits of this process. Critics of globalization point to the rising gaps of inequality between nations and within all nations of

the global economy, increased environmental degradation, especially in the developing world, the loss of sovereignty, cultural imperialism and the rise in extreme nationalism as indicators of the downside of this process. This paper will systematically outline a framework for understanding some of the seemingly contradictory processes in our globalizing world. * INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES

Politics is the management of economic resources and therefore how a society sees the world is in the same way it would interact with it. For instance, a country such as The United States of America is based under Capitalism and therefore are about expansion of economic resources and development of their economy. Based on such a theory, they have in many ways compromised the development of many other developing countries. * WHAT IS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY?

A Political Ideology refers to a belief system that explains and justifies a preferred economic and governmental order for society, offers strategies for its maintenance or attainment and helps give meaning to public events, personalities and politics. * WHAT ARE THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES?

* Capitalism
* Communism
Capitalism refers to an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industries are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by state. Other elements central to capitalism include competitive markets, wage labour and capital accumulation. * IMPACT OF POLOITICAL IDEOLOGY ON GLOBALIZATION.

Democracy is basically capitalism and a planned economy is under communism. The way a person talks about it, it is a more productive interaction may happen under a system of communism because the government is able to design the way in which a country is going to promote development however, with democracy, the government has little say on how the economy would develop. All they could do is facilitate economic development and so in expanding their economy, due to the level of choice entrepreneurs have, they may outsource jobs and also they would negatively impact the world. * ECONOMIC IDEOLOGY- MARXIST

* This exist in Cuba (1957) and Grenada (1979), Guyana (1960’s & 1970’s) and Jamaica (1970’s) which was directed at increasing human development. Caribbean countries cooperate to achieve unity in the fact that they all try to...
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