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majestic towers and lofty pinnacles—the finest banqueting-hall that his skilled artificers could dream of. And when at length the hall was completed, Hrothgar gave a feast to all his thanes, and for days and for nights on end the great rafters of Heorot—as his palace was named—echoed the shouts and laughter of the mighty warriors, and the music of the minstrels and the songs that they sang. A proud man was Hrothgar on the night that the banquet was ended amidst the acclamations of his people, and...

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Teutonic Magick

which is said to be able to run through the air and over the sea faster than a horse.7 He wields a hart's horn in place of his sword, and it is said that he killed the giant Beli with this weapon. The stag's antlers put up at the corners of the hall Heorot 8 were probably a sign of dedication to Freyr, the more likely so as Scyld Scefing, the father of Hrothgar's line, has been identified with several Vanic figures. FREYJA The goddess Freyja was probably the most widely worshipped of the Norse goddesses...

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The Origins and Development Book

Similarly, a word’s meaning may vary according to changes in the thing to which it refers. Hall (OE heall), for instance, once meant a very large roofed place, like the splendid royal dwelling place Heorot, where Beowulf fought Grendel. Such buildings were usually without smaller attached rooms, though Heorot had a “bower” (būr), earlier a separate cottage, but in Beowulf a bedroom to which the king and queen retired. (This word survives only in the sense ‘arbor, enclosure formed by vegetation.’)...

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