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  • hazara

    our world and what they go through? The ethnic group known as the Hazara are visually‚ linguistically and religiously different from all the other people around them. Because of these differences‚ they have long been discriminated and persecuted by many groups. One of these groups is the Taliban. They ideals are demonstrated by torturing‚ murdering and abusing others. One of the cultural groups they do not approve of is the Hazara. Things have been looking better but they are still threatened and

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  • Hazaras

    The Hazaras are Muslims in Afghanistan that belong to the Shia‚ Sunni‚ and Ismaili sects of Islam‚ but the majority are Shiites‚ while the Pashtuns‚ are Sunnis. The Hazaras are viewed as a minority by the Pashtuns.The Hazaras are divided into three groups‚ those in the North‚ those in the West‚ and those in the Hazarajat. About 25% of Afghanistan’s population is made up of Hazara’s‚ but it is very hard to take an accurate census of them because they live in such remote and secluded areas where they

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  • Hazara History

    been against the persecution of minorities 2. It has badly affected the image of the country throughout the world 3. More than 800 Hazaras have been killed only in Pakistan during the last decade Don’t confuse HAZARA with HAZARAWAAL HAZARA: the separate Persian speaking ethnic group mostly living in Afghanistan HAZARAWAL: The people living In HAZARA District‚ in KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA province of Pakistan. HINDKU is their mother tongue. Theories about their origin: The first theory suggests

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  • Why Do Sunnis (Taliban) Hate Shias (Iran and Hazaras) and Why Do The Shias Hate Sunnis ?

    Islam‚ and a symbol of doing good‚ and bringing people around to an Islamic viewpoint‚ and imposing law and order. It was a name that was initially welcomed by the Afghan people. To understand the enmity between the Hazaras and Iran and the Taliban it is very important to clarify here that the Hazars and Iranians are Shias while the Taliban are mostly Sunnis. And for me‚ the main reason why the Taliban hate Hazaras and Iran and why Iran and Hazaras hate Taliban is because of the one mentioned above

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  • The Social Differences of the Afghanistan People

    Kent Luong The Social Differences of the Afghanistan People In Afghanistan‚ there are many ethnic groups among whom segregation exists. Imagine being a part of one that’s really looked down upon. The life of that person would be so cruel that nobody would be able to even imagine the misery and the pain that they have to endure. Afghanistan is a country with immense diversity due to the different ethnic groups that it has had for a very long time. Despite living in the same country for hundreds

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  • The Kite Runner Social Class Analysis

    power. In Afghanistan‚ the ethnic group‚ the Pashtuns‚ are the higher class and the Hazaras are the lower class. Women are also seen as a social class/group as they are oppressed as well. The Pashtuns and men have privilege and power as the Hazaras and women have little to no power and privilege. In the book The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini‚ women‚ Pashtuns‚ and Hazaras are each present

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  • Post Colonialism & the Kite Runner

    includes all kinds of the Hazara people‚ including minorities of Sunni Hazara and Ismaili Shia Hazara. In 1747 when Afghanistan was originally founded‚ Pashtun had the vast majority of the state. It wasn’t until the Hazaras immigrated to Kabul in the second half of the twentieth century‚ that their religious‚ ideological‚ economic‚ geographic‚ and linguistic characteristics were threatened. The idea of their culture being over ruled‚ forced the Pashtun to hate the Hazara and attempt to hinder their

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  • Class Differences

    Kite Runner is based on two boys named Amir and Hassan. Amir is from an upper class‚ called the Pashtuns and Hassan is from a lower class‚ called the Hazaras. Pashtuns are Afghanistan’s largest ethnic group. Pashtuns are Sunni Muslims and Hazaras are Shi’a Muslims. Pashtuns consider Hazaras a disgrace to Islam and are considered a minority. Hazaras have been discriminated for many centuries. Because of this class difference‚ there are limitations to Amir and Hassan’s relationship. The Kite Runner

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  • The Kit Runner can be seen through many different literary lens

    play in the society. It is clear to say that The Kite Runner is a book filled with different classes and the struggle of power between the societies. The Pashtuns have enough power and money in the Afghan society that allows then to put down the Hazaras. If you are a wealthy person in Afgan this shows that you have power. “ Then‚ Baba and I drove off in his black Ford Mustang – car that drew envious looks everywhere because it was the same care Steve McQueen had driven in Bullitt‚ a film played

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  • Marxism In The Kite Runner Essay

    successfully conducted a proxy war using the Afghan people to limit the spread of communism. Throughout the book there is a lot of tension between the different relationships that develop. Ali and Hassan are Hazaras‚ which means they’re from an ethnic minority. They don’t have the same status

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