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Hazara People

Islam, and a symbol of doing good, and bringing people around to an Islamic viewpoint, and imposing law and order. It was a name that was initially welcomed by the Afghan people. To understand the enmity between the Hazaras and Iran and the Taliban it is very important to clarify here that the Hazars and Iranians are Shias while the Taliban are mostly Sunnis. And for me, the main reason why the Taliban hate Hazaras and Iran and why Iran and Hazaras hate Taliban is because of the one mentioned above...

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Examples Of Discrimination In The Kite Runner

of treating people poorly depending on who they are. A place where discrimination has existed to this day would be Afghanistan, and the book, The Kite Runner, does a great job showing the reader how discrimination has stayed in the Afghan culture through the years. The book is about an Afghani kid named Amir, who lives with his disapproving and rich father, Baba, who is well known in the Afghani community. With Baba’s wealth came the benefits of having a huge house along with Hazara servants. Baba...

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The Kit Runner can be seen through many different literary lens

play in the society. It is clear to say that The Kite Runner is a book filled with different classes and the struggle of power between the societies. The Pashtuns have enough power and money in the Afghan society that allows then to put down the Hazaras. If you are a wealthy person in Afgan this shows that you have power. “ Then, Baba and I drove off in his black Ford Mustang – car that drew envious looks everywhere because it was the same care Steve McQueen had driven in Bullitt, a film played...

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Kite Runner Essay

country. It is a way of thinking and an idealistic profession. Throughout the course of history, politics changes from being dictatorial government to permitting people to decide the ruler. Strong political approach can make a country strong and help it grow economically. Decisions by the government directly affects the everyday life of people. Such is the case in Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner where Afghanistan’s consistent political conflicts ends up affecting the character’s life in many...

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The Effects of Racism and Social Class on the Individual and Society in Khaled Hosseini’s the Kite Runner.

with the character’s Hazara and Pashtun ethnic origins and the conflicts that arise. Ali and Hassan represent the marginalized group in this story. They are considered by the ruling class to be of lesser value due to their ethnic origin, religious beliefs, appearance and social standing. They are discriminate against because of these differences. The author gives us a glance of this when Amir reads about the harassment of, and attempted uprising of the Hazara, and how Amir’s people, the Pashtuns had:...

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Influences of Afghani Culture in Khaled Hosseini's, The Kite Runner

lifestyles of people in these cultures are all influenced by the culture. Based on the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the Afghani culture imposes restrictions on the characters in the novel, consequently resulting in a negative impact on their lives. The Afghani culture inflicts restrictions on relationships, career choices, and household activities. Relationships are an aspect of the characters lives which is restricted by the Afghani Culture. In the Afghani culture, people believe that...

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Post Colonialism & the Kite Runner

includes all kinds of the Hazara people, including minorities of Sunni Hazara and Ismaili Shia Hazara. In 1747 when Afghanistan was originally founded, Pashtun had the vast majority of the state. It wasn't until the Hazaras immigrated to Kabul in the second half of the twentieth century, that their religious, ideological, economic, geographic, and linguistic characteristics were threatened. The idea of their culture being over ruled, forced the Pashtun to hate the Hazara and attempt to hinder their...

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The Kite Tunner

who is discriminated against from the start of the book, till the very end. He is a part of a poor ethnic group called Hazaras whom are considered victims in the Afghan society. Amir and Hassan are half brothers, but because Hassan was a Hazara, he grew up in a hut as a servant working for his own father. Hassan understands his inferiority and accepts it, which causes other people to take advantage of him by betraying him. For example, even though Hassan always stood up for Amir, Amir left Hassan...

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Kite Runner

Afghanistan, the Pashtuns, and the Hazaras. Discrimination sets into place as we learn about the history between the two family lines. On page 9, Amir read from a book that says “Pashtuns had persecuted and oppressed the Hazaras … the reason was that Pashtuns were Sunni Muslims, while Hazaras were Shi’a. This sets in the idea that the Pashtuns killed the Hazaras simply because they were not Sunni Muslims, resulting in the discrimination in society against the Hazaras. Throughout the novel, there were...

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new extreme, by physically harming others through hostile means. Hosseini clearly presents discrimination throughout The Kite Runner, impacting the lives of every character. The Taliban organization displays more hatred and aggression towards the people of Afghanistan more than any other organized group in the country. First off, the Taliban discriminate against woman, denying them their basic rights to work in Afghanistan. “Their mothers can’t feed them because the Taliban don’t allow them to work...

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