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Have you ever thought about the different cultures in our world and what they go through? The ethnic group known as the Hazara are visually, linguistically and religiously different from all the other people around them. Because of these differences, they have long been discriminated and persecuted by many groups. One of these groups is the Taliban. They ideals are demonstrated by torturing, murdering and abusing others. One of the cultural groups they do not approve of is the Hazara. Things have been looking better but they are still threatened and there is not much we can do for them except for giving them the message of God. The Taliban are one of the groups that do not approve the Hazara. They do not allow women to receive an education, they prohibit television and force men to grow beards. Malala Yousafsat, an eleven year old girl, had to fight against the forces of the Taliban to receive an education. She survived a gunshot to the head after a Taliban member fired upon her because of who she is. They go house to house searching for Hazara and enslave those they find like Enaiat’s father or kill them on the spot. An Afghani housewife, who since had fled to Pakistan, relates that the Taliban broke into her house and shot her husband and her two brothers, then they slit the men’s throat in front her and her sons. According to Maulawi Mohammed Hanif, a Taliban commander, announced to 300 people that the policy of the Taliban was to exterminate the Hazara. The Taliban are horrible people and they do not only kill the Hazara they also torture them. Sometimes they stuff the adults and kids inside a container and when the doors were sealed they would suffocate due to the searing midday heat. Enaiat...
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