Essay on My Forbidden Face

Topics: Woman, Afghanistan, Taliban Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Between the book, My Forbidden Face, written by Latifa, a young women who grew up under the Taliban’s control and the article Women in Afghanistan: Afghan Women’s Rights, written by PBS, have many similarities in how women were treated. They tell how before the Taliban arrived, they were a normal country, with equal rights for men and women, and how the women dominated most work forces, such as teaching, medical, and others. They even played a part in the government. However, when the Taliban arrived everything the women had known about life in Afghanistan was changed for the worse. The both discuss, in detail, the overwhelming circumstances women had to overcome to life their lives, and how they were crippled, both physically and mentally by the Taliban. These next few paragraphs will go in detail about some of these drastic changes made by the Taliban. For example, one of them would be the new laws that were given to the Afghans. Some of these laws varied, from women not being able to work, not having photographs of animals and humans, to not being able to listen to music, even during a wedding. (Latifa 36-37) These laws restricted every single person, even animals, to these things and many others. However, more disturbing things were occurring in accordance to these laws. For instance, a hand was cut off a thief is he was caught, or a women was murdered if she was found guilty of adultery, and unfaithful husbands were flogged by the Taliban, and the worst part was, this all occurred in the stadium in Kabul. (Latifa 173, 182) These laws soon become corrupt with the Taliban’s drastic changes; even though they said they were following the Koran. At one point, a woman went outside covered only with a chador on while holding the Koran to her breast. The Taliban immediately started attacking her, when the lady shouted, “You have no right! Look at what is written in the Koran!” However, the Taliban ignored her, and when the Koran fell from her arms, the Taliban...

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Latifa. My Forbidden Face : Growing up under the Taliban - A Young Woman 's Story. New York: Hyperion P, 2003.
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