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  • The Taliban

    The Taliban is a religious group formed in Afghanistan in 1994 consumed of mostly Pashtuns from Afghanistan who took control of the Afghanistan government in 1996 and ruled them until the attack of September 11‚ 2001 . “The Taliban ’s promise - in Pashtun areas straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan - was to restore peace and security and enforce their own austere version of Sharia‚ or Islamic law‚ once in power (BBC News).” Members of the Taliban help out al-Qaeda‚ they are dangerous‚ and they give

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  • Taliban

    History Final Research: Taliban Packet: While the civil war was in Afghanistan‚ the Taliban was grouping in Pakistan. They were small religious schools for orphans and refugee children.  With the influence from Mullah Omar‚ the schools got bigger until they were a political force.  The Taliban started to take control of Afghanistan.  September 1996‚ they came to power and renamed it to Islamic Ermiate of Afghanistan.  At first the people liked the Taliban‚ they told them that they

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  • taliban

    Taliban By Ahmed Rashid Ahmed Rashid’s Taliban was the best book on the history and ideology of the Taliban when it was first published in 2000. It still is. In three sections that read easily and fluidly‚ Rashid oulines the ideological and historical origins of the Taliban‚ the Taliban’s interpretation of Islam‚ and the Taliban and Afghanistan’s place in "the new great game‚" a competition between regional and western powers for that region of the world. Fanaticism Resurgent In 2000‚ the Taliban was

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  • The Taliban

    Global Terrorism GVPT 406 Term Paper The Taliban Patrick Arihi The US Department of State has never labelled or listed the Taliban in its foreign terrorist Organization list. In this paper‚ I will show that the Taliban is a terrorist organization and need to be labelled as such by the US Department of State. The US Federal Bureau of Investigations has defined international terrorism as follows: “Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human

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  • Rise of the Taliban

    bringers of hope to a hopeless society‚ but soon after brought oppression and fear to all. The Taliban‚ or “students‚” were only brought to the attention of most westerners after the terrorist attacks on September 11‚ 2001. However‚ they have a much deeper history rooted as far back as the Soviet Union’s invasion and occupation of the region. In order to comprehend the rise‚ fall and re-emergence of the Taliban‚ three men must be mentioned: Mohammad Omar‚ Ahmad Shah Massoud‚ and the most famous terrorist

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  • Taliban in Afghanistan

    be. But a few years would change that all. Everything that the citizens of Afghanistan knew‚ their entire way of life would change. The cause? The Taliban. The Taliban are an extremist Muslim group from Afghanistan. The Taliban‚ who call themselves Jihad or “freedom fighters” are the most brutal extremist Muslims in the world. To understand the Taliban you must understand how they where able to gain control of Afghanistan ‚there rule during the time period they controlled Afghanistan‚ and how they

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  • History Of The Taliban

    [BACKGROUND INFO & TOPIC SENTENCE] “The Taliban claimed to follow a pure‚ fundamentalist Islamic ideology‚ yet the oppression they perpetrated against women had no basis in Islam. Within Islam‚ women are allowed to earn and control their money and to participate in public life. The 55-member Organization of Islamic Conference refused to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s official government. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt‚ regarded by many as an ultraconservative organization‚ denounced the

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  • Afghanistan-Taliban and Their Downfall

    AFGHANISTAN-TALIBAN AND THEIR DOWNFALL 5. Geo-Strategic Importance of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is Central Asia’s land locked country‚ spread over an area of 253‚ 861 miles. Bordered on the North by the Republics of Tajikistan‚ Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan‚ North-East by the Chinese province of Sinkiang‚ on the South-East by Pakistan‚ and on the West by Iran. Afghanistan’s geopolitical importance has been that of a buffer state first between the Tsarist Russian and the British Indian Empires and

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  • Taliban Negative Effects

    Taliban‚ a Muslim group took control of Afghanistan’s government in 1996 to 2001. Taliban is known for publicly executing people and taking away the rights of women which including the right of education. Afghanistan under a new leadership control‚ which put the country in the worse place . The relationship broke between U.S. and Taliban after 911 when Mullah Omar providing a refuge to Osama Bin Laden. When the Taliban comes to power in Afghanistan‚ it negatively effected the people. Taliban‚ Students

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  • Women Under the Taliban

    community. For the community of Kabul changes lead to a financial and economical struggle. The women’s lives are transformed after the Taliban take control of Kabul. The rights of women are stripped from them and they are left with basically nothing. This change in the lives of the women brings more responsibility for the men to carry. The men are also affected by the Taliban regime and unfair removal of the women’s prior role in their community. Meanwhile‚ the women find themselves in a bind to be able

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