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    program which is based upon philosophy” Ideology of Pakistan Pakistan’s ideology was based on the Islamic principle of “the only sovereign is Allah". Ideology of Pakistan basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to the faith based on the Islamic principles. They should have all the resources at the disposal to enhance Islamic culture and civilization. Quid-e-Azam once said: "Pakistan was created the day the first Indian national

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    Pakistan From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia This article is about the country. For other uses‚ see Pakistan (disambiguation). Islamic Republic of Pakistan اسلامی جمہوریۂ پاكِستان (Urdu) Islāmī Jumhūriya’eh Pākistān Flag Emblem Motto: ایمان، اتحاد، نظم (Urdu) Īmān‚ Ittiḥād‚ Naẓm "Faith‚ Unity‚ Discipline" [1] Anthem: Qaumī Tarāna قومی ترانہ "The National Anthem" MENU 0:00 Area controlled by Pakistan shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled territory shown in light

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    Pakistan came into being on the 14th August 1947. The Muslims of indo-Pakistan had make great sacrifices to achieve Pakistan. Karachi became the capital of Pakistan after independence. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah assumed the office of the Governor General. But he did not live long and he died on the 11th September‚ 1948. The geographical position of Pakistan has given it an important position among the countries of South East and South West Asia. In the west‚ our neighbors are Afghanistan and

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    Our beloved country and identity is Pakistan. The sacrifices and ideology of our ancestors is Pakistan. It was the dream of Allama Iqbal which was fulfilled by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid-e-Azam along with other leaders fought for the cause of Muslims. All the Muslims suffered a lot and at last got a separate homeland for themselves. Pakistan was now an independent state‚ but was terribly disadvantaged. It faced many severe problems some of them were: 1. India took over all the British

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  • Image of Pakistan

    meaning of Jinnah’s Pakistan and compare with the today meanx of pakistan?? * Why pakistan is facing a serious image problem in the global community today?? * Media spoil the image of pakistan.. Are u agree with that or not?? * Why media show only our bad aspect instead of showing good aspect in media?? * Atomic power (Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan) * Aarfa Kareem * Pakistan’s historical places‚ festivals‚ food etc… * Won 1992 world cup * View of pakistan who live in foreign

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  • History Of PAKISTAN

    The history of Pakistan as a separate country began in 1947 when the Indian subcontinent gained independence from Great Britain and was partitioned into the two countries of Pakistan and India. This separation was the culmination of events set in motion by the formation of the All-India Muslim League in 1906 to seek political rights for Muslims. Mohammed Ali Jinnah‚ called Qa’id-e-A’zam (Great Leader)‚ served as the league’s president and was the main force behind partition. At first he worked with

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  • Demographics of Pakistan

    from the web like www.pbs.gov.pk/‎‚ specifically answer the following questions: a) What is the demographic makeup of the population of Pakistan? b) What is the age dispersion in Pakistan? and c) What industries do you see benefiting/losing within Pakistan because of these population figures. a) Demographic Details (Data source: http://www.indexmundi.com/pakistan/demographics_profile.html) Gender Precentage Population Male 51.4% 97‚809‚640 Female 48.6% 92‚481‚488 Total 100.0% 190‚291‚128

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  • History of Pakistan

    Prior to creation as a modern state in 1947‚ the area of modern Pakistan was both ruled by local kings and under various imperial power throughout different time periods. The ancient history of the region comprising present-day Pakistan also includes some of the oldest empires from the subcontinent[1] and some of its major civilizations.[2][3][4][5] By the 18th century the land was incorporated into British India. The political history of the nation began with the birth of the All India Muslim League in

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  • Culture of Pakistan

    culture of Pakistan (Urdu: ثقافت پاکستان ) comprises numerous diverse cultures and ethnic groups: the Punjabis‚ Kashmiri and Sindhis in the east; the tribal cultures of the Baloch and Pashtun in the west; and the ancient Dardic and Tajik communities in the north. These Pakistani cultures have been greatly influenced by many of the surrounding countries’ cultures‚ such as the Turkish‚ Persian‚ Afghan‚ and Indians of South Asia‚ Central Asia and the Middle East. In ancient times‚ Pakistan was a major

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  • Train to Pakistan

    Honors India February 15‚ 2013 Book Review: Train to Pakistan Khushwant Singh opens his novel Train to Pakistan in a seemingly peaceful village on the countryside of Punjabi. Although the small village is fictional‚ it is important to note the historical significance this village‚ its people‚ and the time period represent in the novel. Revered as a one of the finest and best-known renditions of the Indian tragedy of partition‚ Train to Pakistan embodies more than a fictitious community. The following

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