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definitions of masculinity and femininity have varied dramatically, leading researchers to argue that gender, and specifically gender roles, are socially constructed (see Cheng, 1999). Cheng (1999:296) further states that “one should not assume that ‘masculine’ behaviour is performed only by men, and by all men, while ‘feminine’ behaviour is performed by women and by all women”. Such historical and cultural variations oppose the essentialist view that masculinity, femininity and gender roles are biologically...

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The Femininity of the Chrysanthemums

The femininity in The Chrysanthemums Men have been known to be superior to women. Women try hard to get passed this irrelevant stereotype. It is unfair to say that women cannot be independent and take control. There have been many critics that apply feminism to this story. “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck reveals Elisa Allen’s desire to have a more passionate marriage and secrets of expressing her gender. Elisa Allen realizes that she acts totally different around her husband. When...

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The Change in Understanding of Masculinity and Femininity

In today society the masculinity and femininity of society have played a great role on how people interact and get along. But in today society, the borderline between these two topics isn’t separated as they used to be. In the 1800’s with many new advances were coming along, with the expansion of the U.S. men usually tended to crops and farm life while women took care of children, and the house. Shifting over into the 1900’s these two remained very similar. Men would usually go to work but this...

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Making Masculinity and Framing Femininity

make sure that soccer remains a masculine dominant sport; it requires that femininity remains in the shadows. One way this has been shown is through the media. Kane and Lenskyji (1998) explain that the media built a strategy in maintaining the status quo of predominant sports such as soccer, and has excluded women from the sport, rendering women invisible in the sport. Women who do not take on the typical role of femininity are not covered by the media in order to preserve their feminine qualities...

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Dual Sides of Femininity in Louise Bennett's Poem, Jamaica Oman

Sophia Dai Dr. Gannon Global Perspectives 14 Sep. 2014 Dual Sides of Femininity in Louise Bennett’s Poem “Jamaica Oman” “Oman luck mus come!” (48). These words demonstrate Louise Bennett’s view that Jamaican women are liberated and share the same level of respect as men, who used to be regarded as superior. No matter their races or social classes, Jamaican women rise from discriminated groups to be the heads of households and successful leaders in all kinds of professions. Louise Bennett herself...

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Gender Identity and Relationships Between Masculinity and Femininity

person (Nevid, Rathus & Fichner-Rathus, 2005). The variance between assigned gender and gender identity lies inside the psychological dominion. While one may be considered male when born, psychologically he may not relate to being a male at all. Femininity may be something that is much more comfortable than masculinity. This is a situation where the assigned gender is male, but the person identifies themselves more as female. Apart from a person’s actual biological gender, are gender identity...

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Compare and Contrast the Treatment of Femininity in Pygmalion and Medea

will be comparing and contrasting the way in which two different authors portray femininity in their respective dramatic texts. The two works I am using are Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw and Medea by Euripides. I will be looking at how the way men and women are portrayed can affect the way we interpret the texts, and showing that femininity isn’t necessarily a trait restricted just to women. I believe that femininity reflects expected female behaviour. There are certain traits which are believed...

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Medea by Euripides: Femininity in the Greek Patriarchal Society

The play Medea by Euripides challenges the dominant views of femininity in the patriarchal society of the Greeks. While pursuing her ambition Medea disregards many of the feminine stereotypes/ characteristics of the patriarchal Greek society. She questions the inequality of women in a patriarchal society, contradicts Jason’s chauvinist beliefs, challenges the stereotype that women are weak and passive and completely disregards the feminine role of motherhood. Feminism is the belief that women...

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Compare/Contrast the Treatment of Femininity in Pygmalion and Medea

Historically, the treatment of femininity in literature is wide ranging. Some texts explore the feelings and responsibilities involved with typically feminine traits such as motherhood and in social environments, while others highlight more feminist issues such as the struggle for equality and male oppression. Authors of both sexes have made major contributions to this area in literature but it remains surprising that male writers have been able to perceptively portray women above their previously...

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Conceptions of Femininity and Masculinity in the Woman in White

crying was weak and miserable: "the tears-- miserable, weak woman's tears of vexation and rage-- started to my eyes" (183). The fact that Marian believes that crying, a very feminine quality, to be so pathetic, shows that she does not embrace her femininity as other Victorian women do, and that she understands that her sex is seen as weak and insignificant. " Can you look at Miss Halcombe, and not see that she has the foresight and resolution of a man?…this grand creature, who stands… between us two...

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