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On Fandoms & Movies “The term ‘fandom’ is used to refer to the collective fans of something such as a sport, hobby, or series of books. Typically, the members of a fandom feel interconnected by their common interest, and a fandom can often be a subculture as well. Only the most devoted fans are included in a fandom, separating them from people who may casually enjoy the thing in question.” – Mary McMahon and Bronwyn Harris (What is a Fandom?) ...

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Fandom in Popular Culture

River Steinberg Fandom in Popular Culture Everyone is a fan of something. Whether it’s a sports team, celebrity, or television show there is at least one thing that a person enjoys to partake in, talk about, etc. Yet when does becoming too much of a fan – or a fanatic – become a problem? This question raises concern because recently many different fan bases or fandoms of certain movies, books, etc. have been criticized over the last decades due to their extreme dedication and obsession. Some people...

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Contribution of Fandom and Fan Activities to Our Understanding of Media Audiences

to research, critically discuss how knowledge of 'fandom' and 'fan' activities has contributed to our understanding of media audiences. Introduction: Audience is an essential and necessary part in the transmission of information. The decoding of information and signs delivered through media relies on individual audience’s perceptions and perspectives. Fan and fandom is a crucial proportion in the media audience. As stated in the Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World (2007...

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Life in Fandoms

these people coming together. Let me introduce you to a fandom. Fandom is a term that sounds like what is is—it refers to all the combined fans of something. It can be a sport, hobby, or book. It can be very specific, down to one show; or wide, encompassing all shows in a genre. The fans are closely connected by shared interest. Fandoms have been around for some time, but have recently become mainstream. Are you ready to enter their world? “People sometimes look at fandoms from the outside and wonder why [they] spend so ...

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 INFORMATIVE SPEECH “Fandoms” Good morning everyone! So one thing that I am obsessed about at the moment is fan culture or commonly known as fandoms− especially the ones that are on the internet. What I like to talk about today is the idea that you can like something so much that it actually destroys your life. Let me explain. Firstly, the person discovers and enjoys the thing then the person goes on to the internet and has fun finding more about it and people who feel the same way and then...

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Anime: Parent of All Industry

the entertainment industry. Even though it was a more obscure art form back in the earlier days, it was something that inspired many, which has made it grow into what is it today. There are many conventions across the world dedicated to them, the fandom around the whole culture is very dedicated and close knit, and it inspires some very unlikely people. Anime is something that will be around for a long time and there is little doubt about it. What sets anime apart from other cartoons? There are...

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otaku essays

The Otaku Otaku is a Japanese word which refers to people with obsessive interests, generally the anime and manga fandom; Manga refers to Japanese comic books whilst anime are the animated productions of manga. The name otaku, is well-known around the world and can range from children to teenagers and even adults. Most of the people who watch anime or read manga are just regular people that go to work or school and need something to relax. On the other hand, an Otaku is a person who obsesses over...

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Types of Fans

possibly hurt them with their misplaced affections. These fans are notoriously known as the psycho fans while their less harmful counterparts are deemed the normal fans. The normal fans, also known as the fanatics are somewhat of an enigma in the fandom world. This is partly due to the fact that all celebrity fans start off as normal fans, but it has become very rare that a fan remains in docile as the amount of devotion for the celebrity grows over time. The normal fans are generally the ones that...

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from fans on a radio show.[11] The fandom has developed several components which co-exist uneasily. One aspect of the fandom can be self-mocking, and is willing to pay a lot money to be part of it. The other part does not like the association with problematic fans and is less willing to buy into the more overtly commercial parts of the fan community, such as purchasing concert tickets.[2][9] The community sometimes has issues and rival factions inside fandom have been known to attack one another...

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Describe and Analyse a Subculture with Which You Are Familiar

is a culture within a culture where a group develops distinctive norms and values that are different from those of the mainstream culture. The subculture that I will be writing about is called the Fan Base which is also know as the Fandom. A fan base or fandom is a group of regular supporters and enthusiasts that spend a rather large amount of time and energy focussing on a team, musician or musical group, entertainer or any other celebrity; these different people/groups can be classed as sort...

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