Life in Fandoms

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The screaming crowds. The hours spent online, spreading pictures and information. All these people coming together. Let me introduce you to a fandom.
Fandom is a term that sounds like what is is—it refers to all the combined fans of something. It can be a sport, hobby, or book. It can be very specific, down to one show; or wide, encompassing all shows in a genre. The fans are closely connected by shared interest.
Fandoms have been around for some time, but have recently become mainstream. Are you ready to enter their world?
“People sometimes look at fandoms from the outside and wonder why [they] spend so much time on these people they don't know personally, but once you step inside the world you can start to understand it...fandoms are just one of the many ways that we gain and spread ideas, information and wisdom from all over the world,” said Haley, a high school junior, in her article Fangirling Dissected.
Now fandoms can take their interest online. Many websites are built by dedicated fans of everything from Harry Potter to My Little Pony. Fans from all over can collect information, have conversations, post original artwork and stories, and write on forums. It’s easy for every member of the fandom around the world to connect, even if they never meet in real life.
There’s a difference between fan and fandom. Only the most devoted fans are included in the fandom. Youtube user danisnotonfire explains the difference between a “casual” fan and an “internet” fan that would be in a fandom.
“Let me explain: firstly the person discovers and enjoys the thing. Then the person goes onto the internet and has fun learning more about it and people who feel the same way. The person then suddenly becomes aware of their [the object of interest] overwhelming perfection and it becomes their main reason for being alive.”
Being overcome by emotion when something in the fandom happens or the person sees or hears anything related to their fandom (They see a

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