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Male Reproductive System

or tubuli recti (Figure 21–2). These tubules connect the seminiferous tubules to an anastomosing labyrinth of epithelium-lined channels, the rete testis. About 10–20 ductuli efferentes connect the rete testis to the cephalic portion of the epididymis (Figure 21–2). The seminiferous tubules are lined with a complex stratified epithelium called germinal or seminiferous epithelium. Their outer wall is surrounded by a well-defined basal lamina and a fibrous connective tissue consisting of several...

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The Main Body Tissues

cells closely packed and ranged in one or more layers. There are two kinds of epithelial tissues, these are the covering and lining epithelium which covers or lines almost all of your internal and external body for example, the outermost layer of your skin and other main organs, and the internal surface lining of digestive system. Then there is the glandular epithelium which secretes hormones or other products such as stomach acid, sweat, saliva, and milk. Epithelial tissue can be divided into two...

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Classification of Epithelial Tissue

Classification of Epithelial Tissue Location of Epithelium The four basic tissue types in the body are the epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue. These tissues exist and function in close association with one another. The epithelial tissue, or epithelium, consists of sheets of cells that cover the external surfaces of the body, line the internal cavities, form various organs and glands, and line their ducts. Epithelial cells are in contact with each other, either in a single...

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Anatomy - Tissue Lab

simple cuboidal. Notice the cross walls are so thin they seldom are seen with the light microscopes. All you observe is a group of large nuclei in a circle. D. Stratified Cuboidal: (skin slide). Unlike simple cuboidal, stratified cuboidal epithelium always make tubes with usually 2 but no more than 3 rows of cells. The only stratified cuboidal cells you will see this semester will be the cells that make a sweat gland. The sweat gland is unique because some of the cells are active glandular...

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H. Pylori associated gastritis

Smoking reduces blood flow and impedes healing of the epithelium and mucosa. Presence of curved and spiral-shaped bacilli within the superficial mucosa of the antrum (no mention of the body of stomach) indicates H. Pylori infection. This induces hyperacidity, increasing the risk of duodenal and gastric ulceration (H.Pylori in 70% of people with peptic ulcers). Large numbers of neutrophils in the lamina propria extending into the epithelium forming pit abscesses and large numbers of plasma and...

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Male Reproductive Physiology

synthesis and secretion of T (which will just diffuse out since it is steroid hormone) Seminiferous Tubules and Spermatogenesis - seminiferous tubules make up bulk of testicular volume - spermatozoa are synthesized within the seminefous epithelium, and pass thru a series of ducts into the epididymis - the seminiferous tubules have Sertoli cells - spermatogenesis under FSH control Regulation of Testicular Function Role of GnRH - GnRH released in pulses, to drive pulsatile...

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The Digestive System: Anatomy Review

connective tissue layer. 6. The function of epithelial goblet cells is to secrete _substances used in digestion_. 7. _Enteroendocrine_ cells of the mucosa secrete hormones into the blood. 8. Absorption of nutrients occurs through the mucosal epithelium and into either _blood capillaries_ or _lymph vessels_ vessels. 9. Using the following diagram, label the vessels you listed in the previous question. 10. The built-in (intrinsic) network of nerve cells in the submucosa is the _submucosal...

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Study Guide for Anatomy Test 1

–forms the embryo eventually. Inner Cell Mass -forms ectoderm and endoderm then forms the mesoderm. -three germ layers form all the tissues found in the adult body. Ectoderm – neural tissues, epithelium Mesoderm – muscle tissue, connective tissue, epithelium Endoderm – epithelium Apical Surface – faces lumen or outside world Basal Surface – attached to underlying surface Basal Lamina – is an adhesive structure that the cell secrete at the basal surface that allows the epithelial...

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Skin and the Integumentary System

skin) Subcutaneous (are injected into the subcutaneous tissue) Intramuscular (injected into the muscles) Transdermal (administered on the skin) The Epiderrmis Since the epidermis is totally composed of stratified squamous epithelium, it has no blood vessels. In other words, it is (dead). All nutrients pass down a concentration gradient from the region of numerous capillaries found just into the underlying dermal layer. Differences in the amount of nutrients available to...

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Integumentary System

normally only well seen in thick epidermis| Eccrine sweat gland|The blood supply here provides radiational cooling for the body| Exercise 2: Microscopic Structure of the Skin Sketch and label your keratinized stratified squamous epithelium slide in the space below. Be sure to label all of the structures in the epidermis and dermis you were able to find: QUESTIONS: A. Compare your slide to the photomicrograph example in the lab procedure. How are they the...

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