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Elementary Arithmetic

Fractions are ways to represent parts of a whole. Common fractions are ½ and ¾. These are proper or regular fractions. Some fractions are called mixed numbers. These are represented by a whole number with a fraction (proper fraction). 1 ½ and 2 ¾ are good examples. An improper fraction has a larger number on the top than on the bottom, such as 9/8. I will explain how to convert these fractions to decimals. I will show you how to change an improper fraction to a mixed number. Operations (addition...

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Elementary Arithmetic and 68453i65409u6yit -548u Yp95843w

 Unit – Rates, Ratios, Proportions Rates A car travelled 348 km in 4 hours .Write the unit rate that describes how fast the car was going. 348 4 4 4 87 1 The car travelled 87 km per hour. Ratios A ratio is comparison of...

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Reviewer: Elementary Arithmetic and Square Meters

Grade I MTAP Math Challenge Questions and Reviewer I Math Challenge Grade I Score: __________ Name: ______________________________ School: ___________________________ __________1. Joe found out he can do 6 problems in 15 minutes. About how long will it take Joe finish 18 problems? __________2. Manie found out he can do 5 problems in 23 minutes. About how long will it take Manie finish 20 problems? __________3. Ann took 55 minutes to do her assignment. Rosa took 12 minutes less than...

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Lesson Plan In Elementary Mathematics

Lesson Plan in Elementary Mathematics (Grade IV) Prepared by: Paulene Mae A. Albelar I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: A. (Cognitive)Multiply 5 or more digit factors having 1 to 3 zeros in both factors without regrouping B. (Psychomotor)Find the product using the process of long multiplication with ease C. (Affective)Show carefulness in working with numbers II. Subject Matter Skill: Multiply 5 or more digit factors having 1 to 3 zeros in both factors without...

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instead of opening up a book and learning for themselves. He says “ While we bemoan the decline of literacy, computers discount words in favor of pictures and pictures in favor of video…we allow into the classroom software that will do a student’s arithmetic or correct his spelling” (Gelernter, 590). He strongly believes that having auto corrects and flashing buttons do not help children learn and instead of wanting to read an article they would rather watch a video on it. Also in Sherry Turkle’s “How...

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Mathematic Minds for Child

and multiply to form larger numbers and subtract and divide to make smaller quantities. Because they first experienced these concepts through their senses, Montessori students are able to understand the true nature of the operations. Mathematics: Elementary [pic]Children inherently like working with math materials because they correspond to the logical way our brains work. Montessori wanted to ensure that each child is presented with materials that correspond both to the child’s interest as well as...

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Base 5 Calculation

...................................…........................... 2 Fig. 4-1 Addition Table................................................….......................................3 APPENDIX B: REFERENCE PAGE REFERENCES [1] Wikipedia, “Elementary arithmetic,” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elementary_arithmetic#Addition_algorithm , (current February 13 ,2008)....

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The Basic Internet Searching

redirectto=http://fuelgaugereport.opisnet.com/index.asp 2. Using the internet, find a website that will show you houses for sale. http://www.pprmi.com/ 3. Find a website that shows one how to do fraction to decimal conversions. http://math2.org/math/general/arithmetic/fradec.htm 4. Using the internet, find a website that one can use to find the national average cost of food for an individual, as well as for a family of 4 for a given month. http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/Publications/FoodPlans/2012/CostofFoodJan2012...

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Manipulative Paper: Base Ten Blocks Learning Tool

Manipulative Paper: Base Ten Blocks Base ten blocks are an exceptional learning tool for elementary and middle school students. They let students easily visualize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and offer an alternative way of viewing a problem and developing an answer. For the most part, base ten blocks can be extremely useful in the knowledge and skills portion of the TEKS. The number, operation, and quantitative reasoning section of the knowledge and skills portion of...

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How to Use a Scientific Calculator

HOW TO USE A SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR   How to use a Scientific Calculator: entering expression, angle measure, number formats, arithmetic operators, positive numbers, negative numbers, scientific notation, parentheses, chemical formulae, physical constants. Entering expression Type your expression directly onto the input line or copy and paste an expression from another programs. When you finish entering your expression, pres ENTER or click [=] button. Spaces are irrelevant, for example 54 + 3*2...

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