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Elementary School

The poem “An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum” by Stephen Spender, begins with a stanza depicting the worrying condition of the students in elementary school. As the poem extends further, Spender points out the corruptions in the Government and accuses it for paying little attention to children’s education and health conditions. He argues that the children should break through the confinement of slum, and embrace the beauty of nature. In the slum, Children do not have pleasant moments; they...

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Personal Narrative: Tutoring In Elementary School

During my elementary years, I was always shy to talk to other people I didn’t consider as friends. The only ones I talked to was my classmates, teachers, and friends. I was the type of child that would depend on others. When I was 10, I was worried on how others would think of me. I was close minded and I would always assume that people would tease me for the little things that I did. This made me antisocial and I didn’t want to get involved into anything. At the age of 10, I was placed into an...

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Bad Effect of Accessing Internet Without Parental Guide for Indonesian Elementary School Children’s Socializing Ability in Indonesia

Indonesian Elementary School Children’s Socializing Ability in Indonesia INTRODUCTION Background Internet is still an interesting thing that gives many ease and fun for all of people who access it. Because of it, many people in Indonesia from the various ages, various occupations and various situations access Internet or have a desire to access it. Because of Internet in an ease to access thing, many people can access it so easily. It is not hard to an elementary school student accesses...

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Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary

I watched the documentary called Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary. The filmmaker named Laura Simon, was born in Mexico and her family immigrated to America when she was six. She began her career working for a non-profit organization that dealt with immigrant rights and education. Her personal odyssey and involvement with dilemmas of her students led her to the making of Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary. During 1994, California voters sanctioned Proposition 187, which denies public education...

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Lets Move!!! End Elementary Obesity

Over the past several years childhood obesity in Elementary age children has been on the rise. This may be due to a decrease in physical activities as well as a lack of nutritional meals served in school cafeterias. Approximately 40 percent of children are at an increased risk of becoming overweight or are already overweight according to a report from Children in Balance (Demorris). The major group that are at a higher risk for childhood obesity are those from racial and ethnic minorities (Demorris)...

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School Improvement Plan

 School Improvement Plan Report for Schafer Elem School School Name and District: Schafer Elem School/SD 45 DuPage County Grades Served: Current Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Status: Academic Early Warning Year 1 Analysis of State Report and Other Data: Does the SIP clearly identify the areas of weakness reflected in district, state, or national assessments or other data? Y Is it clear from the SIP what problems exist in the school? Y List and briefly describe the school’s weaknesses...

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Elementary School Recess

The debate over whether or not recess should remain a standard part of the elementary school daily schedule has existed for many years. The continuing trend toward reallocating time in school to focus on academics has led to a reduction of the amount of recess breaks children receive in school. Recess gives students time to take an unstructured break from their class work and allows them to play and socialize with their peers. Those in favor of eliminating recess believe that recess wastes valuable...

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Elementary School Graduation Speech

a huge mountain that lay ahead of us to climb. But my, what a wonderful year it has been. A year of challenges met, mountains climbed and summits conquered! To our young Ladies and Gentlemen seated in front of us tonight listening to our elementary school graduation speech - we are immeasurably proud of each and everyone of you. There were those of you who seemed to have wings and you just soared over the obstacles and challenges that crossed your path. It is a wonderful gift and one that never...

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Elementary School and Middle School

Elementary School and Middle School ENG 121 Prof. Melody Debonnel September 2012 Elementary School and Middle School Transitioning from elementary school to middle school is something we all have or had to do! Most kids cringe at the thought of making this huge step in life. For many students this transition can be a time of mixed emotions. Having been through this experience, I will compare and contrast the two, hoping that this will give you a clear picture of elementary and middle school...

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computers to the latest features just assures that their clients will be satisfied by the services that they give and create a friendly environment to each member. The existing loan transaction processing system used by the Barrio Obrero Elementary School – Multi- Purpose Cooperative is manually operated. The loan takes two (2) days to be processed. This can be outdated because of the presence of the computers, which could facilitate any transaction at faster rate. They use computer merely for...

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