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Lesson Plan In Elementary Mathematics

By 19171018 Apr 16, 2015 523 Words
Lesson Plan in Elementary Mathematics (Grade IV)
Prepared by: Paulene Mae A. Albelar

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
A. (Cognitive)Multiply 5 or more digit factors having 1 to 3 zeros in both factors without regrouping B. (Psychomotor)Find the product using the process of long multiplication with ease C. (Affective)Show carefulness in working with numbers

II. Subject Matter

Skill: Multiply 5 or more digit factors having 1 to 3 zeros in both factors without regrouping. References: Textbooks in Math 4
Materials: Window Cards
Value: Carefulness

III. Procedure

A. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill

Drill on basic multiplication facts using window cards. Give them exact time each pupil finishes.

2. Mental Computation

Answer the following in the notebook.
x 4x 2x 3x 6x 3

3. Review

Show how to solve for the product using the long way on the board. Elicit the steps, be sure you follow correctly and carefully the steps in multiplying using long method. Are you also careful in doing other things aside from activities in Math? How?

Find the product:
x 765
What did you do to get the correct product?

4. Motivation

Sing the song (tune: Are you sleeping)
Mathematics! Mathematics!
How it thrills, how it thrill
Addition, Subtraction
Multiplication, Division
Mental Math! Mental Math!

B. Developmental Skills

1. Presentation

Analyze the problem
-How many baskets of fish did Mang Celso deliver?
-How many fishes are in each basket?
-What is asked?
-What is the operation to be used?
-Show the solution.

Write on the board
x 30
1200 fishes

Written exercises?
10 81120 01120 50080 003
x 200 x 60 x 101 x 300

40 00195 00070 100
x 2 000x 100x 300

How did you come up with the answers? Is there a faster way to solve the product? Elicit the patterns.

2. Group Activity
Divide the class into two groups.
Give them activity sheets where the exercise are written. Each group will report their answers.

60 00230 05224 32023 001
x 300x 1001 x 40 x 200

11 00021 20030 200
x 500 x 400 x 30

3. Generalization

How do we multiply 4- to 5- digit factors having 1 to 3 zeros in both factors?

C. Application

There are 12 300 members of Barangay Masikap. If each member contributed 30 packs of noodles for the Lutong Bayan Project, how many pack of noodles were collected?

IV. Evaluation

A. Find the product
44 00060 21030 01128 00014 345
x 30 x 200 x 101x 430 x 280

B. Answer the following
1. Multiply 7 600 and 200, what will be the product?
2. What is 143 450 repeated 280 times?
3. If the factors are 14 780 and 90, what is the product?
4. What is 56 396 multiplied to 500?

V. Assignment

Find the product

30 860 40 94754 00856 00028 808
x 70 x 500x 30x 800x 280

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