"Disribe Why The Medium A Dye Diffuses Through Can Affect Its Rate Of Diffusion How Does This Relate To The Nutrient Transpost In Cells" Essays and Research Papers

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Disribe Why The Medium A Dye Diffuses Through Can Affect Its Rate Of Diffusion How Does This Relate To The Nutrient Transpost In Cells

Marshall S. Chavis BIO-110 Lab 6 Diffusion Experiment 1: Table 1: Diffusion Through Liquids Corn Syrup Pickle Juice Time(sec) Blue Dye Red Dye Blue Dye Red Dye 10 15 10 7 10 20 25 30 15 13 30 27 40 17 15 40 28 43 20 17 50 29 46 23 18 60 30 48 24 19 70 31 51 25 23 80 32 51 25 23 90 32 51 25 23 100 32 52 25 25 110 32 52 26 25 120 32 52 26 25 Table 2: Diffusion Rate of Dyes in Corn Syrup Dye Name Molecular Weight Total Distance...

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Surface Area to Volume Ratio and the Relation to the Rate of Diffusion.

Relation to the Rate of Diffusion Aim and Background This is an experiment to examine how the Surface Area / Volume Ratio affects the rate of diffusion and how this relates to the size and shape of living organisms. The surface area to volume ratio in living organisms is very important. Nutrients and oxygen need to diffuse through the cell membrane and into the cells. Most cells are no longer than 1mm in diameter because small cells enable nutrients and oxygen to diffuse into the cell quickly and...

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Biology Lab 6

drop box for this lab. Use Microsoft word if possible. Lab 6: Diffusion 65 Questions 1. Which dye diffused the fastest in corn syrup? Red Dye In your chosen material? Lemon Concentrate, Blue Dye 2. Does the rate of diffusion correspond with the molecular weight of the dye? The the density of the medium and the molecular weight of the dye will determine the rate of diffusion. 3. Does the rate of diffusion change over time? How might this affect your calculated diffusion rate compared to...

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lab on cell diffusion

Diffusion in Cells Isabel Zak Question: How does the size of a cell affect the distribution of chemicals throughout the cell? Hypothesis: The larger the cell is, the more difficult it will be for the chemicals to reach the centre of the cell, and diffuse throughout it. This is because there will be a higher surface-area to volume ratio in the larger cells, making the centre of the cells further away from the surface. Therefore, when dipped in sodium hydroxide, the larger cells will not...

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Lab Cell Membrane

LAB REPORT 1 - LAB 7 CELL MEMBRANE FUNCTION Marisela Camacho Legarreta June 30, 2013 ACTIVITY 1 INTRODUCTION Be aware that all molecules have kinetic energy, which means that is an active energy that is always in motion. Molecules move in all different ways and this create an evenly distributed movement which is best known as diffusion. Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of their higher concentration to a lower concentration. METHODS Check the reaction of different...

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Diffusion Lab Assignment

Diffusion Lab Assignment Go to your student portal in eScience and click the “Diffusion” lab. Complete the following assignment: Pre-Lab Questions. Answer the following questions in complete sentences after reading throughDiffusion” information 1. A concentration gradient affects the direction that solutes diffuse. Describe how a molecules move with respect to the concentration. 2. How does the size of a solute affect the rate of diffusion? Consider the size and shape of a molecule in your response...

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Cd Stimulation Cellular Transport: Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability

Dialysis (Simple Diffusion) 1. Describe two variables that affect the rate of diffusion. The two variables that affect the rate of diffusion are: • The composition of the lipid layer, this content varies from tissue to tissue. For example kidney tissues have a high cholesterol content which makes them impermeable to water. • The size of the molecule, the larger the molecule the slower the rate of diffusion. 2. Why do you think the urea was not able to diffuse through 20 MWCO? How well did...

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Cell Physiology

Review Sheet Exercise 1 Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability Activity 1: Simulating Dialysis (Simple Diffusion) • Describe two variables that affect the rate of diffusion: Two variables that affect the rate of diffusion are size and concentration gradient. The molecular size vs the MWCO size of the membrane can either increase, decrease, or prevent diffusion. The greater the concentration gradient the greater the diffusion rate due to molecules moving from areas of higher concentration...

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Anatomy cells and chemistry

 Animation: Cells & Chemistry Glycolysis After viewing the animation, answer these questions. 1. Cells derive energy from the oxydation of nutrients, such as glucose . 2. The oxidation of glucose to pyruvate occurs through a series of steps called glycolsis . 3. How many carbons are in a molecule of glucose? 6 4. The energy related during these oxydation reactions is used to form adenosine triphosphate ...

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Diffusion and Osmosis

Effects of Osmosis and Diffusion The experimentation of last week’s lab was in order to test the many effects of diffusion and osmosis amongst four experiments. One such experiment was testing the effects of molecular weight on diffusion in relation to the use of Agar. The methods performed included the use of two acids, HCl and acetic acid. Both acids were placed into an Agar-filled dish and, over increments of 15 minutes, data collection was taken based off the diffusion rate and the diameter...

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