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  • Functions of Blood Vessels

    Jamison Blood vessels carry blood throughout the entire body. The names of some blood vessels are related to the region which they supply or drain. Most named veins will have the same name of its accompanying artery. Review the blood vessels of the various regions of the body listed below. Cranial cavity Head and neck Thoracic cavity Upper extremity Abdominopelvic cavity Lower extremity Some Major Blood Vessels Directions: Complete the table below indicating the area where blood flows based

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  • The Heart and Its Blood Vessels...

    heart is an organ that acts as a ‘’pump’’ because it pumps blood continuously that is rich in a high concentration of oxygen throughout the organs of the human body such as the brain. Blood is carried through tube like structures called blood vessels such as the artery and the vein. The arteries carry blood from the heart at high pressure which contains a high concentration of oxygen and nutrients to supply the organs. Veins carry blood at low pressure to the heart which contains a high concentration

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  • Blood Vessels and Cardiovascular

    Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels Laszlo Vass‚ Ed.D. Version 42-0008-01-01 Purpose Please explain the purpose of this lab. Include in your explanation the major concepts you learned and any safety concerns associated with the lab. Purpose is to understand how the veins and arteries run through the body and how they function while the heart beats‚ where they deliver and drain blood to/from and how the cardiovascular system works together. Lock up the dogs while dissecting. wear face

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  • Vessels

    1.6 VESSELS: ARTERIES‚ VEINS & LYMPHATICS CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Structure • heart‚ arteries‚ arterioles‚ capillaries‚ venules‚ veins Functions • transportation (oxygen‚ carbon dioxide‚ nutrients‚ wastes‚ wastes hormones) • regulation (pH‚ body temperature‚ temperature fluid & electrolytes) Principle arteries and veins CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM • Heart: pumps blood • Artery: vessel leaving the heart (Arteries take blood AWAY from your heart) • Vein: vessel going to the heart • Capillaries:

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  • The Main Blood Vessels Are The Followin

    The main blood vessels are the following: Aorta. The aorta is the largest and principal artery in the body. From the aorta branches lead to all the organs of the body‚ supplying them with oxygen and nutrients. Coronary Artery. The coronary artery is also a branch of the aorta. It supplies the heart tissue with oxygen and nutrients. Pulmonary Artery. The pulmonary artery arises from the right-hand upper corner of the roght ventricle. It branches into the left and right pulmonary arteries which lead

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  • Blood and It’s Vessel System

    Erythrocytes‚ also known as ‘Red Blood Cells’‚ is one of the cells in our body that makes our blood. Erythrocytes are supported by many of other components in making blood. They are a disk shaped a cell which are filled with an iron contain pigment called haemoglobin . Haemoglobin is what makes blood red by strongly binding itself to oxygen and carbon monoxide. Our blood circulates around are body bringing us the oxygen which is bound to the haemoglobin in the red blood cells. Red blood cells are squishy so

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  • A Vessel of Honor

    A Vessel of Honor By Jacqueline Goodwin Do you see yourself as a container‚ a receptacle‚ or a holder? If you said yes to one than you are saying yes to all three because all three are one in the same. A container‚ a receptacle‚ and a holder all holds past mistakes and negative critics of others. Well God has called you a vessel. There may have been periods or stages of your life where you have felt empty but these are the seasons that God is preparing you as a vessel to carry His knowledge

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  • Heart And Blood Vessel Assessment

    Jacob Powell Write-up for Heart and Blood Vessels Date: 10/18/2013 Time: 1330 Biographical: G.B.‚ 20‚ Male‚ Caucasian‚ DOB: 01/23/1993‚ Student‚ Dr. Wang‚ Orientated to person‚ time and place‚ reliable source of information. No deficits in mental ability. Write-up for Heart: History of Present Illness- Chief Complaint- Fatigue Denies chest pain Fatigue is persistent‚ but not strong enough to interfere with capabilities Denies associated symptoms Denies medication Denies cough Denies difficulty breathing

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  • Capillary: The Smallest of a Body's Blood Vessels

    For other uses‚ see Capillary (disambiguation). [pic] [pic] Blood flows from the heart to arteries‚ which branch and narrow into arterioles‚ and then narrow further still into capillaries. After the tissue has been perfused‚ capillaries branch and widen to become venules and then widen more and connect to become veins‚ which return blood to the heart. Capillaries (pronounced /ˈkæpəˌlɛri/) are the smallest of a body ’s blood vessels and are part of the microcirculation. They are only 1 cell thick

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  • 2402 Lab 32 Blood Vessels 1

    Exercise 32 Blood Vessels The primary goal of this lab is to learn the names of many blood vessels. You will use the models provided as well as pictures in your lab book. Microscopic Structure of Blood Vessels Tunica intima: lines the lumen of the blood vessel. Continuous with endocardium of heart. Is extremely smooth to decrease resistance to blood flow. (Made of epithelium) Tunica media: More bulky middle coat. Composed of smooth muscle and elastin. Regulation in the diameter of blood vessels‚ which

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