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Dental Hygienist

in the dental field. For that reason, it was a surprise for me that Dental field was not the unique career which corresponds with my interest and personality type. Even though Dental Hygiene was not in my top ten strong occupations, it fit in the first two of five top interest areas according to the Strong Interest Inventory. While doing my research, I understand the difference between an associate degree and a bachelor degree. For instance, I did not know that to become a dental hygienist in the...

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Dental Hygienist - Reflection Paper

WHY I WANT TO BECOME A DENTAL HYGIENIST; REFLECTION PAPER (Name) (School) Abstract The convoluted way in which having good oral hygiene and how much it can impact one’s body has never lost my interest. When researching, I have read it is most common to get oral cancer And/or Periodontal Disease when not taking care of one’s self. Those are just two important things to remember when taking care of you orally. I want to have a career where I can teach...

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Dental Hygiene

The profession I chose is Dental Hygiene. Dental Hygienist are license oral health professionals who attack and treat oral diseases to protect the gums and teeth from decaying. They remove calculus, stains, and plaque from teeth; take and develop dental x-ray's and apply cavity preventives such as fluorides and fissure sealants. Dental hygienists use rotary, hand, and ultrasonic equipment to clean and polish teeth, x-ray machines to take dental pictures, syringes with needles...

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Dental Hygienist

and graduating in the next five months, I have decided that the Human and Health Services field, Dental Hygiene in particular, is the career pathway that I am most interested in and would like to pursue further after graduation. In pursuing this occupation, I understand that there are many personality traits that I must present. Since Dental Hygienists are around people each day at work, a hygienist must be outgoing, ambitious, and willing to interact with several different types of people. One must...

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acceptance letter for dental hygiene

Ariel Austin Dental Hygiene Admission Essay I was thinking of all the ways I could have started this essay, but to be quite frank I couldn't come down to a decision. I felt that I should truly write why I wanted to attend the dental hygiene program here and why I should be chosen. I have heard from a lot of people who attended school here, and they gave good feedback on their experience. I did research on my own and saw that this was a good accredited school to start my career. If you...

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Dental Hygiene Essay

March, 1, 2010 Dental Hygiene Assessment Northampton Community College 1) I heard about the Dental hygiene program at Northampton online, I did a mass search for Dental Hygiene schools is Pa, and thought that Northampton had everything I was looking for in a school. 2) I’ am interested in obtaining a dental hygiene degree, because it is a field that I have grown to love over the years and I would like to be more involved with my patients oral care then just being a chair...

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Dental Hygienist Mlo

 Dental Hygienist Maria Lopez Miami Dade College Top of Form Bottom of Form A dental hygienist is a licensed member of the dental health team.  The main purpose of a dental hygienist is to help patients maintain good oral health and prevent gum disease.  Job duties and tasks vary from state to state.  Typical duties allowed in the state of Florida under general supervision (dentist needs to authorize prior to services but need not be present) of a dentist include: ·        ...

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Dental Hygienist

and a variety of jobs for people to choose. Different people are suited for different jobs. The career I chose was to be a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists work as qualified members of the oral health care team to look at and help fix peoples’ teeth and gums; they also search for a cure or any disease. They help patients to improve and keep good oral hygiene. Dental hygienist must be caring and be able to take good precaution of their patients and educate them on their teeth. They must have plenty...

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Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists are members in the developing field of dentistry. The main function of Dental Hygienists is to examine patients mouth's for diseases, and abnormalities, educating their patients on maintaining proper oral hygiene, and keeping healthy teeth and gums. In the near future, the dentistry field has significant job placement and earning. Dental Hygienists also have the opportunity for caring, and dedicating their time to individuals to help impact the overall health of the society. When...

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Dental Hygienist 1

Dental Hygienist A dental hygienist is someone that works with the dentist to meet the oral needs of patients. To become a dental hygienist a minimum of and associates degree is needed. Dental hygienists need many skills to be a good one. You have to have a license in every state to become a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist can work in very many different environments. Beginning salary is $32,000. The job market is saturated for this occupation. Dental Hygienists clean teeth, examine patients...

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